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Clintons that clinton sort of set the temperature for everyone else the standard for everyone else well glenn thrush new york times this is great is a bunch of women have come forward and say yes guys at creepy has been creeping on me and creeping everybody out for years and they're they're all shocked of course but they all knew it and he was at the politico where he was creeping people before he was at the new york times he proved his anti trump anti republican credentials and then he got a promotion and went over to the new york times and turns out everybody at the politico knew it and and people there had reported him and they just moved him around they just keep moving them around just like the clinton campaign i talked about here's another thing the clintons get away with that of sexual harasser in the clinton campaign you know what they did they pretend to the rim but just moved him to another state yeah i think this kind of thing there'd been attacking the catholic church for for many years now also little note i was watching a propaganda show on cnn pardon me on cnn last night they had a one hour anti trump propaganda hour with that uh list spring brian seltzer water guy and they showed the clip of melissa melissa mccarthy on saturday night live playing the role of sean spicer can cheese and as actually kind of a funny skit and she takes the podium and drives at it's a motorized podium and she drives at into the press well in the front row of the press running away there is a person dressed and disguised as glenn thrush from the new york times there in the saturday night live thing cicutto he could tell us mom to watch and then there's harvey weinstein there's kevin spacey there frank and there is anthony wiener there is mark helprin or by the way there's joe biden brock cobra cobra cobra who is guilty of many of the same behaviors that all these other creates are guilty of and and then there's bill clinton so let me just start with that scratching the surface with you and newsweek magazine setting a new standard for slime that coming right up newsweek does that still exist new standard for.

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