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Some journalists named Wesley Lowry because I'm very interested in your perspective on the left's reaction to the buffalo massacre. Let's listen to journalist Wesley Lowry to Brian stelter over the weekend on CNN. Let's be clear. The stuff Tucker and Laura Ingraham say every night, it could be written by white supremacists very often. There is a section of this manifesto where the shooter starts talking about people always say diversity is strength. How is it strength? I could hear it in Tucker's voice. He says this all the time, right? But the Ben Shapiro's of the world say this is a big chunk about the idea of genetic differences that could have been pulled from an Andrew Sullivan column, right? There are plenty of people in our politics in our media who advance these ideas and advance them frequently. Oh, so it's Ben Shapiro's fault, or it's Andrew Sullivan's fault, or Laura Ingram's father, public enemy number one, Tucker Carlson's fault. Officer Tatum, they just can't help themselves, can they? Oh, these people are deranged and they're out of their minds and they live and they thrive off a double standards. It's quite ironic that they're willing to, you know, put the blame on Tucker Carlson and other conservatives who may have some ideas that are accurate that this guy plagiarized and used to the detriment of other people. But they're not out here talking about Illinois or any of these Democrats who are literally telling white people that they're the enemy of the world. They are really creating in my opinion these homegrown terrorists by spending most of their time making white people feel horrible about existing in this country, making white male Christian straight men feel like that they are the enemy of the people, make wealthy white men feel like they're destroying America every minute because they've accomplished the level of success. I think that more so, those individuals who are saying are creating this negative rhetoric create these deranged lunatics that go out and do this.

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