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L. Cincinnati questioning witnesses on the judiciary those of a recess going on now with the two o'clock report I'm Jack Crumley breaking now this is the first day of impeachment hearings at the house Judiciary Committee and things have been prolonged bi partisan bickering at times Republicans been using parliamentary moves in hopes of slowing things down though a couple witnesses have testified one from Democrats and one from Republicans he says he's been hearings professor Michael of your heart of the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill testifying before the house Judiciary Committee telling lawmakers that president trump's behavior suggests he wants to get rid of the checks and balances of the other two branches of the U. S. government after reviewing the evidence that's been made public I cannot help but concluded this president has attacked each of the constitution's safeguards against establishing a monarchy in this country one of four congressional scholars testifying three pick by Democrats think president trump's actions rise to the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors the one picked by Republicans doesn't professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University if you want pizza president if you make a high crime in misdemeanor out of going to the courts it is an abuse of power it's your abuse of power with continuing coverage of the house impeachment hearings I'm Dave Packard ABC news now the latest traffic and weather together from the UC health traffic center you see health our hospitals are nationally ranked by U. S. news and World Report crews are at work on an accident northbound two seventy five between the route thirty two we skate and Milford parkway exits that involving a semi and a car the right lanes are blocked and traffic is heavy back to route thirty two there's also an accident on southbound seventy one it's past the data Montgomery road just a heads up there because the vehicle is partially blocking the right lane there it's clear the accident nor seventy five near paddock but traffic is slow between Mitchell and the Norwood lateral also have an accident on the left shoulder east bound to seventy five past Taylor mill traffic heavy northbound seventy five between twelfth and pike streets in the Brent Spence bridge and north bound seventy one heavy in the construction between the lateral and Stewart I'm rob Williams newsradio seven hundred WLW album his forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center we.

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