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And be back tomorrow. Scott Waris, sitting in Good arguments being made on both sides. I mean, there really are, um and I've been thinking about. Well, when can I approach this topic, and I I do it here this morning with you and I still don't type. I don't know. I go back and forth. Let's go to Appleton it, Scott. Hello, Scott. Hey. Good morning, Scott. How are you doing? I'm all right. Um, is a tough one. Are you leaning in one direction or you staunchly and one side or the other of this kind of moral debate? Well, when I talked at all with your screener, I actually fell on one sword versus the other. Okay, it is. It is a tough It is a tough situation, because if we look at it from a humanitarian standpoint, which you're going to want to save every puppy, obviously, um You're definitely going to want to take care of the worldwide epidemic and get those get those shots out. But if you look at it from a standpoint of, you know, you know where we're going to operate the United States as a business, then we're going to want to take care of our own. So that we we grow prosper and become profitable. So it's pretty tough, but be honest, um I think if I were to go one side or the other and and and I probably would have to go To the humanitarian standpoint, because that's honestly what's probably best for the situation globally versus more selfishly. Considered, um in the United States, United States, So I guess that's the way I would go because honestly, that's probably what Jesus would want. And if you think about it, Scott, Um there is something to be said as I read the text a couple of minutes ago about look as this virus evolves, and the next variant comes across They are. They are Spreading through pockets of population. They are being created in pockets of population that have no access to vaccinations yet and have not been vaccinated yet. Rather than those who have been vaccinated, and they're not at the booster stage yet. I mean, it's coming from those portions of the world that have yet to, you know, received the benefit of any Of any vaccination, and that I think is an important point to have been made. Thanks for the call Scott. I appreciate it. 85561616 20 accurate mortgage talking text line. He used the word. The humanitarian Um, motivation. The humanitarian In all of us as an individual as a nation. I hadn't used that word, but it's a good one. Caleb calling for Mac Juan. Morning, Caleb. Hey, thank you very much for having me on what Say you? Well, I'm uh Concordia University, Wisconsin and I've been working in emerging pathogens. The last three years actually discovered an unknown potato pathogen. That's also a little bit of background in microbiology. I helped build the Covid 19 tests. PCR test, uh, a little bit of verse and the science behind it. But as far as booster shots and stuff, it does not make sense to keep throwing booster shots that ourselves. When places in the third world don't have access to that first shot. I mean, where did the Delta variant come from? It came from some small province in India that doesn't have access to clean water, reliable electricity. We're going to continue to get bad variance coming out of those places all day. Long Last we get our people in there. Let's get our vaccines and that helps suppress the virus through some of those areas, So it's going to help us at the end of the day, the pressing used variants. Realities. Areas that have no access. Right. Water, electricity That's going to help us long term that's going to stop things from a new variant coming forward. Let me ask you this, Caleb, um as somebody who, you know, studies this at least to a certain degree at the collegiate level right now. Um, what are you watching right now? As this story continues to unfold, and maybe you know many people's attention goes elsewhere because it's it's just the covid fatigue in some respect. From your through your scientific eyes. What are things that you watch? And maybe you'd recommend we continue to monitor on the world stage? Well, obviously attention to the political motivations behind things. I have a lot of faith. And science and scientists. I mean, when the White House came out and said, Oh, let's do booster shops for eight months after vaccination, and they changed six months. Five months. Most scientists and healthcare professionals came out against that idea because we don't have data on if it's going to be even high advocacy for giving a booster shot. So White House has the political motivations. Give another shot. Then what's after that? Is it going to be another shot after that? We don't know. And right now it's best to get the people that are completely unvaccinated, vaccinated first as far as long term stuff. You got to read for yourself then. I mean, the media is out of control and coded in my opinion, Yes. Places like CNN, MSNBC that push if you're monitoring all day long. I don't want to get right. No, I've said that. Thanks for the call Kale, but I don't want to. I was trying to look I was I was. I was hoping to get a little bit more of the scientific through the eyes of Kayla more so than the media narrative look. I'll repeat it. I've I've said this since March, 11th of 2020 listen to the scientists. Okay, listen to the people wearing the bow ties follow their direction. Now I realize that sometimes they have conflicted one another. And then that leaves us as the public in a bit of a quandary, But Over time. I think we are most benefited by following the science and listening to the scientists. It really is A It's a debate. That's not an easy one. Certainly. Do we take our booster shot? Do we give to the rest of the world? Um, we'll see. And and he is right. The debate over boosters is still in the idea of booster shot is still very new to us here in America. And so the science is not As much as all science can agree on something ever. Um, there there is still a divide there as it comes to the booster shot. How Necessary, Is it? What's the efficacy of it? If if you do have to have it, or if you should have it a lot of that the jury is still out. The jury is not out on the importance and the efficacy of the vaccine period. And so if you are a nation that has not gotten the vaccine if you are a people that has Have not had the opportunity to have a needle put in your arm. I think that's where we have to lean. I'm bleeding. I started this topic by saying, I don't know where I fall in this, but I am leaning. I guess I would say at least in that direction. And there is the humanitarian side of things. There is just the the Looking out Look. I said it. We over me. That was my mantra for 2020. We over me at some point, and that was Primarily pre vaccine, to be honest with you because at some point I wore a mask to protect you. You wore a mask to protect me and they're going to debate masks again. But if we if I am going to follow the we over me mantra, then we need to get the planet vaccinated as quickly as possible. And as several of you now brought up The idea of Tamping down covid and and tamping down the possibility of different strains in different variants from mutating and continuing to rear their ugly head. Every so often every few months. Well, the odds of that happening are less. The more you have vaccinated against Covid 19, But it is a debate. It is a It is a moral debate, and it'll only rage and it will continue to for the foreseeable future. Stick around more than Steve Smith, ET shout Next on WTMJ. Dinner was delicious. What's next? Uh, I'm thinking just the check. 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