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Slippy. Some skin brother run. And don't lose your head because we gotta headless killer out there killing people's head it's one thousand nine hundred six. I will say one thousand nine hundred. It's a refreshing. That jokes folks like that. I like a way to get a haircut shave. It's refreshing a movie that takes place as in the eighty s to have the one black character be African and not like Oh sick. Man Chai Denim it. Would he watches like all right. Let's go talk to Alphonse Allie Turkey. Just his phone waiting on the bridge. The Guy Mu walks up and shit. I can only imagine meeting with the writer where you're like. Hey Okay so we love the script I think before you do a rewrite meet a black person to speak to an African American citizen. I think I pretty much get there already. I'm I'm sure this guy wasn't meant to be African in the script. 'cause I bet you that's why they had the revolutionary thing. Where like they didn't even worry about it? Not Making sense right right right because you're way more interesting to make more like International for sure makes it bigger. Yeah I I will say. I've noticed with these movies that we watch and they're certainly they'd want to not grade. But there's there's an interesting amount of diversity in the action movies in the eighties. But I give them some credit for like it seems like they made more of an effort than other movies to incorporate some diversity certainly more than Rom coms and I think it's because audience and I think action movies also are like oddly. A taxi like if you're a believable as a bad ass yeah then you get to work you know what I mean like. You don't have to be like marketable equitable if you're like. You know you just have to be fucking bad ASS random African character. The one the one person and they'll like buying by an fucking guys reading the paper she re pissed and he's like you know cops camry we should say about that cut where the guy he steals to car from that old old couple throws the guy old woman is on the foggy but he says mom. That's rippin right. Yeah there's like driving and cheap freaks out climbs out of the car like he just keeps driving with her on behalf of the car. He's great then then they go to the hospital and and he's so that dude got fuck in curbing soared to he got up after I put enough load to kill a rhino put enough lead. I didn't hand to kill a rhino cops like okay. We got a little information. They're about to leave and then he lays on them like what he saw happening quickly and they're like do they. Give a great sort of like intro to him where he's like I talked to was like fucking..

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