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Carry. I was in the car today with Jia ten. And I was I was on the the the I heard and I had the foreigner channel on K. All the other night. I had the four hundred channel on a listen to music that much anymore. But I'm starting to try to listen to more. I used to ride around listen music, all the time. But I put on for. And it's as cold as ice was on. Yeah. Given that's a good one. And then hot blooded came on. And I was screaming it. Oh. Come on now in it. And she looked at me like I was I was on something. What are you doing? Dead. Channel. Today. Will journey came on some journey with a little don't stop believing. Pat Benetton came on thirty eight special special got all sorts of stuff going on. And I'm just great, and I picked up at a friend's house screaming it, enjoying it. And then sticks came on. I love sticks renegade came on one of the few songs. Not sung by Dennis deyoung. Tommy. And and I'm just saying in failing guitars and amusing ahead is a hi hat. I didn't touch touch your head. But gotta just as if I were had the stick in my hand as like dead. And I realized by ten year old like said familiar with sticks our journey or foreigner. I've got to fix that. Yes. You must introduce that child that great. The problem is there's a problem Jovi some Bon Jovi and there for Bon Jovi to monitor. Thank God is a fast forward button. Skip artist and the playlist delete from playlist terrible. The letter here. But she probably like what is this a girl or a boy? Oh, sure. So there you go. Here's the the lesson that I'm trying to teach in Louise Robey backed by the way that I should stop preaching to her. Did she preach to mutual? I think so. Anyway, that I'm fifty two and I shouldn't play video games. And I suck at him. Oh, good stupid. Anyway. Yes. But but I'm gonna give you. Pack suggestion. Sure, your kids know your favorite songs and favorite artists. Most of my kids. Do I mean Sam and CJ saying you guys love Queen? And you love all these great seventies. Eighties rock bands mean Chicago, you probably whoever Chicago song, backward and forward because the car, but yeah, I mean look at how is it possible? Yes. We need to teach the youngsters. They're gonna have failed with Sam Sam you've still not watch. Rocky. Have you never seen it? What are we doing? Rocky fund. We gotta do rocky through. How many are there? Now. Pose at six or seven seven eight 'cause creed. Oh does that make it eight? Yeah. Because there was really rocky one through five then rocky Balboa and then create one and two. Wow. Yeah. Fantasy. None of them. Out failing as a father. I guess so we'll we'll work on that as well. It is eight eight eight nine four one pags eight eight nine four one seven two four seven joepags dot com. Poll shake your von off for a second. I got to reconnect with you. So make that happen. And we'll do that right there. See that's how we do it. Let me take you about express VPN express VPN is right way to go. You need a virtual private network and express VPN is the right one to go with all this recent news that online security breaches..

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