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One to try to force overtime in this game will keep an eye again. Zack Lower Rockies, still standing right next to the Air Force bench, and Ebert, Joe Doyle going over a few tactics. The rock puts the helmet back on. Let's see where he's heading. If it's back to his crease or the bench, he's heading toward the crease. But you never know sometimes little gamesmanship there, you know that the visiting coaching staff is watching that as well. Andy Berg, working hard, drawn up something offensively, therefore, Air Force See who Air force sends off the rock is going back to the bench. I mean, yell for Air Force. Brandon Cook, Sean Norton. Jake 11 made horn Bennett Norland. Really rhyme actually known and goes off to ask us is in now and ask us is going to take this face off empty net for Air Force offensive zone face off, so they pulled a goal tender and come with six against five. To 16 to go in the game. Tap one by the pioneers went around to Lombardi, who sends it out of his own, and it will be a foot race. After that Loose pocket Cook will beat everyone to it for Air Force. Falcons have to move it. 200 ft. Now they've got six Attackers against five for the pioneers, but the net is empty for Air Force. Thrown thrown at the net from center ice. Benson the goal He got a stick on it couldn't control it. Trying to settle it down over here on the near side is going to be 11. His shot is blocked by Ryan steal. It ends up behind the net. Benson watching over his right shoulder with a minute 40 left in the game. Three to Sacred Heart goalie is out for Air Force and the Falcons have the puck. At the blue line. Now they go down low with the far side back up high halfway then they get it. 11 at the blue line. His shot is gonna be hitting bodies on the way in rattling around in the crease area, but cleared out of there by the pioneers Captain. Play by Willie Rhyme Feed to cook at the Blue Line gets it. 11 High Slide Jake Lemon, what they drive off the stick of Anderson. I believe up and out of play and bodies in front again. Willie Rhyme was down there on the first drive that was taken by Jake 11. There was a good Look, the theater for senior defenseman. Let's look at this shot here high at the center point by living. That was the one that got up and out of playing in just before that. Norman and Ryan had a good look right down low in this extra attacker situation again still empty Net for Air Force 1 15 left now. Third period Falcons change up their personnel. This is pasta. Pinsky on the dot happens trying to tie this game. Down a goal 32 minute tend to go. They got the extra attack Iran. They worked the perimeter of the blue line. Now they go down low far side is shut down. The goal line from there had saved by Benson puck loose but cleared behind the net. Have to live by air Force brought out to the blue line. At the blue line. Sam Brennan has it They're sends it across criss crosses with Maraj is Maraj is down low for Bowery Bowery spins it around for bride Bride on the half wall. With under a minute to go now in the game, Maraj is high in the slot went to shot Harper on the doorstep. Trying to get a piece of it couldn't do it, but comes out of a pack of players and it's kept alive by Brennan. 33 seconds to go in the game. There's a centering pass broken up, or I just has a top of the circle spins away from the defensive pressure. Zach Maraj is in the high slot for the one timer given shot save made by Benson falling down, and it's cleared back the other way by the pioneers with 15 seconds to go in the game behind the play. We had a big hit..

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