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Of baseball cards and autographs, like Jackie Robinson, right? I mean, just and I made the mistake of not securing them before I went to college and my mother wanted reclaim my room and just threw it out thinking this. This is this is not an uncommon story as you know, David. Yeah, I know. But it's one that sticks Mike Kreil tell you that, but how. Much would like a the first addition of Spiderman yield today. So the first appearance of Spiderman sort of on the, you know that in that hobby, it's very grade driven, right? The nicer the book is the more brings, but you know. So the range on that book would be anywhere from fifteen thousand to two million dollars depending on the condition. You're probably let me say. The reason I want to have this discussion is even though she's she's slipped her earthly bonds. I still have this notion that my mom knows what I'm doing right. And if she's listening to this podcast, mom, do you hear that? Do you hear what you threw out? But anyway, so tell me it wasn't where there wasn't worth that. Then I loved it, though. Man, I you, we used to. I was veracious reader of comic books. I remember there was a blackout in New York in nineteen sixty six and so school. You know, every there was going to be no school. The next and a friend of mine mine and I went. Into the staircase of my. I lived in a housing project housing development in New York, and we just took a flashlights Nasreddin comic books for hours. I mean I- Yala changing. Them I was of racist comic book reader is a good to that was burning by the way you should know is there I tells you stories about he and his brother would and friends of theirs trade comic books. You know, he was living obviously in in Brooklyn, but you know, I was in Vermont, a small place, and it was really a way with them usually escape right now before twenty five TV and the, you know, people don't remember the days of the, you know, the staticky late night television, the flame the planes flying, the national anthem and like there was three TV stations, just a different like now there's so much entertainment on your phone or on the big screen or whatever. But there were, you know, comic books for quite a few generations for major form of escapism ended you have. Did you favor? Did you? I mean, I was kind of like a marvel Anna DC. Yeah, I was. I was I was too, so I. So I, I decided to after spending couple years of the Senate staff that I was just done with politics. So why Chris? You get tired of it after all. It's tough, right? You know, I ran the Senate campaign. I, I went was in Vermont live for six months. I went Monday through Friday. Vermont had little kids back in DC. Yeah, right in northern Virginia. Yes. So I just wanted to do something else and thought I would do that and my daughter runs the store now. So family business, it's been successful. I don't know that it's a business that like impasse onto them. Ultimately the the interest will still be there in the in the world for comic profit making venture. Absolutely, yes. Yep. Yep. I seven employee's. And is that. I know that you have this side gig which is looking after the Sanders, my primary gig, the comic book businesses. Just because you think Bernie may decide the side gig now, but I, you know, I was happily there until I got the call and you know twenty fifteen. Yeah. Let's talk about that. You know, I, I remember when he decided that he was gonna run. Now, a lot of people took that very seriously. I remember from my own time in the Senate, I remember going to the Senate caucus, he always was sitting by himself. You know, Bernie Sanders was a solitary figure and he had issues that he raised that others weren't raising and so on..

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