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Go on i mean dude had ninety one catches as a rookie fifty two catches and thirteen games in twenty nineteen. So i don't love taking guys straight off. The acl with opportunity cost is so high in round one. There's some rhetoric about him being eased in. but man. there's questions around all these guys and ceiling. That saquon barkley has with what i expect to be. An improved giants team is through the roof. So again i have saquon barkley when a sixth overall you have him fifth. Adp is indeed seventh on underdog. Go head on saquon. Barkley people are getting scared about sake on. The fearmongering is strong. You know people just mongering fear about saquon barkley yourself included jordan ron. I did the pros vs duty. Pros jails identity. No i did it. I did my draft on sunday night and saquon barkley to me number eleven overall. So the the the fearmongering strong I you know from a talent standpoint. Like i mean this dude is really young and again. The the social media posts are are attempting to trust. Here you looks awfully good. I just saquon. Himself has has participated in the fearmongering. Right and i was gonna say that. I think he's been coached very clearly coach. Save any because he's keep saying the same thing like there's gonna be ready for week one he says. Well i i'm not committing something. We'll see hill. He's very clearly been coached to say that the margin for error for the giants is so thin they every game. I mean i think the easing in might last a little bit into week. Guan and then like he's out playing devante booker and it's like what are we doing. Devante booker like we're all going to get fired. If we continue to play devante booker at a shake. Saquon barclays Union places saquon barkley. I i think that the the The the the limitations are not gonna last very long. Okay eighth overall in. Adp on underdog is tyree kill. You haven't seventh. And this were a big outlier. I actually have tyreek hill fourth overall and that's for manage lease think that wide receiver. You can sure Listen back to the pod. I did yesterday with we only for more on this. But essentially the ideas wide receivers are worth more manage. Lease can churn through. There's going to be so much. Chaos injuries depth chart. Change the running back position. If you're grinding the wire then you can find elite running backs you cannot do that. You're not finding someone comparable to tyreek hill or step digs with the andre hopkins. Whoever off the wire at the wide receiver visions doesn't happen so i have tyreek hill. Actually at fourth overall there were times early entiry kills career where his target was like volatile. I mean and it averaged out like five. Six seven targets regained even in two thousand nine hundred and not log only seven point four targets per game but last year you saw the full possibilities when he was nine targets per game twenty three percent targets. Are patrick mahomes. Choose pass rate over. Expectation is going to be in the top three in the league. Sammy watkins is gone. I think it's just total wheels op another massive year for tyree kale. I just don't see the questions. Around him that i see questions around chimera barclay. Zeke is think there's more questions around those guys. I mean tire kill. It would just be a total upset. You be absolutely floored tire. Kale didn't go over. Eleven hundred yards eight or nine touchdowns this year like absolutely florida. That didn't happen. I think there's life safety around tyreek hill again have him fourth overall. It's gonna be really high. But i understand why people have a little bit lower at the wide receiver position. Go head on tiree killin. Yeah i've got him at seven in both of these rankings. Here you would definitely be have a good chance that you know. Depending on what drought is to get him because i think we're both above. Adp on him You obviously more than me. But i'm still a little bit above. Adp on him. He's in his prime at age. Twenty seven he. You're drafting him. Positions you to Build a chief stack which is real real sexy with maybe clyde edwards hilar- in the third and maybe mahomes at the at the top of the fourth You know maybe mccoll hardman later on. But it's it's it's a really great situation because it's such an efficient high-scoring passing game but it's also a narrow target distribution because tyreek travis kelsey are clearly at the top and then there's a bunch of role players competing for scraps behind them. Miko hartman Democracynow insane maybe byron print goal. I think that if aaron rodgers comes back then devante atoms might shoot actually ahead of tyreek hill for me but Right now. I think that tyree kill should be the absolute consensus overall wide receiver. One and even if at even if rogers comes back. I think you can still make a good argument for tyrod taylor. I think he's the i think he could. He could finish with the most targets of his career this year yet. I mean literally. Like can't fail. And like i all these running backs certain past the film. We've outlined some of those so far ninth overall in average acquisition on underdog is jonathan taylor and i have jonathan taylor. Let me see here real quick. I have jonathan taylor eighth overall. You have jonathan taylor. Down had twelve overall. I think there are some concerns with jonathan taylor. The heap hines is there marlin. Mac is there carson. Wentz has been shaking. Philip rivers has a much higher throw rate at running back then does carson wentz. That said john. Taylor just such a freak raw talent offensive line play is strong red zone. Role is a lead. I like john taylor. I think he's fine. I'm not like overly excited about it. But i think he's fine and really solid round one pick. It looks like you're a little bit below consensus on john. Taylor go ahead and talk to people about that and it's primarily because i moved I moved awesome echo ahead of him But for jonathan. Taylor austin echo like could catch. You know he's in this camera roll. I catch eight passes no problem..

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