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New order catching his attention. They did consider other names, too worried that they'd be taking a task for the name and considered Nazis, But they decided to keep it 12 28 k R L D When you call off a major event like the State Fair. Nurse, um, major implications update on that next after traffic and weather together. Julian Rogers, 75 central. The trash pickup crews, as it turns out, had made their way North bound up towards Beltline Arapaho. And I believe they've cleared out. You might see some heavy traffic, but now we're going to be looking good heading up towards Plano. Likewise on I 30 in downtown Fort Worth that eastbound traffic hitting past 35 W. N. M L K That's going to be moving right along. Less than 10 minutes from Summit and eighth over to the east loop. They're getting into the east side of Fort Worth a 20 East That's going to be a crowd due to that traffic switch or traffic, new traffic pattern They have going on it. Mark four Parkway so There is a little backup today from about blue Mound Road and out 35 W. South Justin that work area around Tarrant Parkway. Little Bit of back up there, so heritage trace down to Tarrant Parkway. Kind of on the brakes. Everything past that rolls to the tune of about 10 minutes from the 2 87 Decatur cut off down to the I 30 interchange in downtown Fort Worth. I'm Julian Rogers next reported 12 38 and breaking traffic alerts when they happened. Hands up thievery headed down I 35 this afternoon. The rain continues to come down in a big way, especially between Waco and Temple. Hearing reports that parts of the Waco area have picked up 10 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. For the most part, we've been dry here across Dallas and Fort Worth. And better chances for rain throughout the afternoon south of Interstate 20 AA Scattered thunderstorms possible high of 88 Middle seventies tonight. Low nineties for tomorrow. Now we're Att eighties news, traffic and weather All news all day news Radio. 10.

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