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Area locations visit Gerber collision dot com for more info I met bear with traffic on the fights follow us on Twitter it W. I. B. C. traffic Randy all us wish TV meteorologist what's going on Tony Pulis hours kind of popped up on radar here is moving down across the US cities nor side right now moving to a new apartment in county back on an account just a brief light to moderate rain showers are rolling on through the metropolitan areas so watch out for some damage on the roadways no can be a threat to the scattered showers going into early this afternoon I think mostly afternoon should be dry it will be a cooler day out there that's good news highs around seventy seven tonight partly cloudy cooler turning less humid low temperature of fifty eight sunny pleasant tomorrow high from seventy eight degrees more sunshine eighty on Wednesday invoice looking great here I think for Thursday Friday maybe the weekend too I will keep it dry a gradual warming trend into tempter the weekends only probably middle to maybe the upper eighties for highs come Saturday and Sunday but again after today several days is very nice right whether that right there is Randy also wish TV Randy thank you seventy three degrees in the American standard cooling weather center the times and seven this hour on ninety three W. I. B. C. is powered by fast track plumbing heating and air conditioning and take a look at this hotel plan Tony Katz ninety three W. IBC good morning the plan was to hotels over there at Panama's then you're gonna have the big one right the I. things or help the insignia that's their their new flagship there's three of them Orlando Atlanta Indianapolis eight hundred rooms mass and then they were going to build another Helton six hundred rooms in people's no no no no this is too much tune many rooms we get we're going to have a a deluxe it's gonna send prices that we can have this I disagree whole heartedly the mayor has now decided only one hotel will be bills right now as opposed to two at the same time which is just what you want when you're staying in a hotel some building a hotel right next to you that's gonna be great for the noise I am for cost as well I assume you've already got the equipment there it's easier to to at the same time I'm not a builder just thinkin with a touch of logic Tony Katz ninety three W. IBC so according to my hug set tight realty is going to build the thirty eight story a hundred room hotel with an eighty thousand square foot expansion of the Indiana convention center the only way the second telecoms if there appears to be enough demand for it we have any idea what's coming over the next four years I'm curious that the people who are working hard right now when the all star game and the all surgeon comes young comes down college football championship playoffs the host of things that happen here.

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