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It's a virus that drives the number one cause of birth defects in europe or in the us. Ten hundred kids in the us perio- novak seen on the market but what industry australia. Twenty years to get him vaccine to work. The fan will wear the positive face to study in september starting to face free next year. That's a two to five billion annual pixel product that we have not licensed so meaning a product hundred percent foam. Donna and we have many more like this. We just announced. We're gonna get into the business. So what the kobe vaccine has done from. China is one de risking of a platform for axons which translated into a lot of value and two is the next generation for us becoming a commercial company we west. You're supposed to be commissioner in the twenty three to twenty timeframe when now it's being control before the end of the year it's called an acceleration stefan. Thank you very much indeed. We really appreciate your time today. Thank you very much. Indeed for sharing with us step sell the madonna that was stefan bond. Sell the ceo of moderna. Speaking with bloomberg's guy. Johnson and alex steel talking about the study. That just came out about their vaccine again. Ninety four point five percent efficacy. Very high number kind of in the ballpark with what we saw from pfizer. Last weeks we got to possible vaccines coming to markets. That's certainly very positives. If you think about this pandemic right now let's get some more details on what this moderna vaccine might look like. We can do that with boomer. Intelligence senior pharmaceutical pharmaceutical analyst. That would be sam. Zell joins us from france. Sam thanks for joining us here boy. This number ninety four point five percent jumps out at you just like the pfizer. Ninety percent number did as well. How do you compare and contrast these two potential vaccines. Yeah hi paul. So i think on the efficacy front we should currently issue. There are similarly effective. Because these are you know nine point. Seven percent versus ninety four point five percent on very few cases can go either way as the case the crew so i i would call the vaccines equivalent in terms of efficacy at least on the early data but then you have all the various other levels so down as done something that finds it did not have given us a bit more detail i. They gave us the statistical power which is great then. They told us about the severe cases. Non indoctrinated group that's fantastic to see One hundred percent protection but be really dealing with eleven cases. And then you've got the elderly. The stephen baltzell did not go into the detail. But if you as hugh that all the cases on the vaccine arm our older people which is very unlikely. Didn't you still have at least fifty percent effective vaccine for all the people. And i'm convinced that it would be better than that and they did have slightly better data elderly than others did. But that's early phase one to solve everything. Looks pretty good for this vaccine and also pfizer's based data that we have today some so the emirate technology transforms the body's own cells into vaccine making factories. Apparently does that mean that..

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