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World if you will. And it got me thinking like, nobody stock has gone up more. Not even in the American market, like Timothy weah. It's literally Timothy waya is the one guy right now that you would have to really say took his play to the next level. Whether it's on the ball or off the ball, this man has proved his worth offensively. Christian Pulisic may have been your most productive player in this World Cup, but the most dangerous player for the U.S. men's national team was without a doubt, Timothy weah. And Leo, why maybe a good level? Okay, I don't think it's the level for him. I think there are bigger clubs out there for him and at Lille. I mean, he was playing right back exactly long ago. Like there's bigger and better out there for him. So he's playing some right wing. Somebody saved him from this purgatory. And even when he's playing, he's not playing much. He had 317 minutes this season. So some of that's injuries. But he's either playing out of position or not playing. He's 23 years old. His contract expires in 2024. So what's important to that? Well, it might be that Leo right now. Easy out. It's an easy out. And if they wait any longer, if they wait 6 months, now he's the player with one year left in his deal. And if you're looking at him as a long-term project, which most teams probably would be at a 23 year old, then you just say, oh, he's got a year left on his deal. We'll just wait 6 months. And get him on a free. You write 6 months. Exactly. And so I think there's a motivation here potentially for Leo to sell based on him boosting his stock. Just to clear something up. So fabricio Romano did confirm that there's interest from Inter Milan in Antony Robinson, where he said there wasn't interest. I believe this is what you're referencing is Tyler Adams. There were some other links, but he cleared that up that Tyler Adams and Inter Milan, they're had not been maybe direct there. So let's just clear that up. And it's interesting that it's Tyler Adams. Because that's why I'm going with for stock up, right? I feel like Tim with a great shout. But if we talk about players who jumped off the screen at you for what they did, in pretty much all the games, except for Netherlands and maybe there's maybe there's something to be said about at that elite level. He didn't shine like he did in the first three games. But my man covered more than 8 miles of ground,

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