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Mike Gallagher yesterday. We shared a story with you. That was breaking. It was unfolding as we were on the air an actor from the from the TV series empire was evidently the target of a of a horrific attack early Tuesday in the Chicago area. Notice Streeter Ville. Upscale area of Chicago. The actor is thirty five year old jussie smollet police reports say he flew into Chicago from New York to continue filming the new season of empire. He went for a late night meal. Sometime after midnight went to a subway restaurant. He was walking back to a nearby apartment around two AM when two people walked up to him yelling, racist and homophobic slurs according to smollet and his detail of this to the police police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the alleged assailant's made racially charged comments to the victim implying that they knew he was a star from the show. They then hit him in the face a substance suspected to be bleach on him and put a rope around his neck. Of course, this is a young black actor in the images of a of a young black, man. Having a noose put around his neck is is almost two too horrifying to to comprehend. Now, the police officer said the rope didn't necessarily resemble a news, I'm reading here from the Chicago sun times. The rope was described as a thin light rope. As officers interviewed him, according to the Chicago Sun-Times the actor asked the officers to turn off their body cameras. There's also a report that the actor told detectives that the two men yelled this is Maga country after they attacked him. He did not provide any other description of the men including their race. Now, there's a lot of people jumping to conclusions. And there's a lot of people who are sort of rush to judgment here. We shouldn't do that. I'm going to have faith and hope that the police are going to find the assailants. There's also a weird report about a threat that he received which is kind of in similar fashion. So it almost seems like he was the target of this terrible attack. And it was pre-. Premeditated. Based on some of the weird stuff that you and all of it is all the whole thing is weird. But as I said yesterday, we should not rush to judgment on this. And we sure as heck ought to be smart enough, not to blame half the country who happens to support President Trump for the vicious. Whore. Whole horrible actions of two people. There's no place for something like that in our society. And the fact that this could have happened in two thousand nineteen is shocking and disgusting and vile, and it's my hope that these perpetrators will be apprehended, and he'll get Justice because that's a that is an awful awful story but follow this because it's there are a lot of peculiarities. There's a big issue. That's hitting the pocket books of American families, real hard. It's of course, the crazy outrageous cost of prescription drugs. Recent poll by Frank Luntz revealed that eighty percent of Americans believe drug prices are unreasonably high eighty percent of Americans are angry. There's a lot of anger right now in America, unless there's a big lobby the lobbyists the work for the big drug maker's who spend a lot of money working hard to protect their profits. I'm very pleased to partner with citizens for truth and drug pricing who reminded us that it's time to end the drug monopoly pricing power once and for all. Got to put patients ahead of prophets enough is enough. They've got their lobbyists the big drug companies. But we've got our voices are votes. You'll be hearing more from the citizens for truth and drug pricing coming up on the Mike Gallagher show. I am generally an optimistic person. But man, what's happening in states. Like, New York and Virginia on the life issue is unbelievable. We're going to take you back to Virginia. And you hear the shocking exchange between a Virginia Democrat and a Republican stick around for that. And also Senator John Cornyn coming up on the Mike Gallagher show from Texas..

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