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G._P._S. specific and <hes> you know what I I start the show frequently saying I love doing this. I love sitting here. Love Chat with you. Call eight four four rich when I say you I mean the listeners viewers. You know I know okay okay. I make I mean you to collective you <hes> but I love nothing more than in-studio guests you get <hes>. It's easier to to have a Chitchat. You look someone in the I. It's a lot more fun and we have not one not too but three in studio guest today and we've got we've got guest gridlock right now. Because <hes> Jay Bilas car from deepen Orange County zipped up the four zero five go figure he's already here but he's here in our number two <hes> Josh Norman's back there right now as well <hes> one of our favorite guests to have and it's a great day to have a one of the top corners in the National Football League The Washington Redskin Josh Norman going to join us here and it's a perfect day because today as the day today is the day the rookies for the Arizona Cardinals and the Baltimore Ravens the Seattle Seahawks all report for duty today's Day that the rookies and veterans the Denver Broncos who in fifteen days from today will be playing in Canton Ohio for the Hall of Fame Game They report for duty on mass the entire Denver Broncos team reporting for duty today today's the day that the if you will die aspro Yes yes look very. It's a very <hes> I it's a very very Jewish word. Honey spelled anyway die aspe- of the sports calendar season when we picked the confetti out of the hair of the champions of the national football colleague we wait and we enjoy the combine and we enjoy the draft and everything in between even though many of the players were drafting do the combine really Dhananjoy very much pre long then many camps not as organized team activities and mandatory team activities and workout programs and inbetween. We all enjoy the great great parts of the sportsworld March madness. It's mad I tell you it's Magnus and Major League Baseball Opening Day in triple crown races and the N._B._A.. N._H._L. Playoffs in the N._B._A.. Draft N._B._A.. Free Agency Z. Nuts. I tell you nuts nothing beats the national football league today today training camps for four of the thirty two including one of the thirty two everybody today they are open we collectively as a nation as a sports nation debate. We've made it we have made it. I approve this a message. I'm rich Eisen and I approve this message you. Tom Fired up. Hey time so also hold on a minute. It's kind of hand glove hand in hand one with the other College Football Football College football is beginning. What am I being by that? We've got media days. We've got media days big ten media day coming up. Can you believe it's been years since urban Meyer step to the podium and said what he said creating all sorts of Holy Heck and we note that for weeks well I mean that was the major story when we were in can't last year people wondering urban was fired. That was a year ago now crazy now. He's on Fox getting ready to do college. Football football is an analyst but today Nick Sabin spoke today Nick Sabin Gin up to the podium tap in it and dropping all the is referring to the media's you guys he's in midseason four. We got some of those soundbites coming up on the three hour edition of the rich Eisen show. Oh Yeah Josh Norman here today and B._J.. Armstrong GonNa join us in our number three as we assume we assume N._B._A.. Free Agency is made its last big HURRAH. Although we're waiting to see if Chris Paul's GonNa get traded to Miami and I think part of the reason why he has yet to be traded in Miami even though we had Brian Win..

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