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And not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country my fellow dead at the end of the world and not what America will do for you but what thank god that we can do but the freedom of man get inspired the museum at the John F. Kennedy library Columbia point Boston for now I'm going to be easy news radio checking sports the Celtics are back in action following the all star break the traveling to Minnesota to take on the timber wolves tonight Bruins back in action tonight on the road against the flames in Calgary the Bruins have won four straight and ten and one and their last eleven games NFL owners vote to accept the negotiated terms for a new collective bargaining agreement putting the onus on players who plan to hold a conference call today team representatives were summoned to York to discuss the proposal with the league eager to reach a collective bargaining agreement with the players in the next few weeks the current deal runs out in March of twenty twenty one among the items in the proposal are seventeen games schedule a reduction of the preseason and an increase to the current twenty seven percent share of revenues for the players traffic is next whether together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three WBZ traffic time twelve forty three we're gonna start you off downtown in the airport tunnels Ted Williams tunnel eastbound the left lane is closed until you down just a bit Sumner and Callahan moving well there are drive east bound the right lane is taken before mass have no real delay there on the pike east and west Palm both have lanes closed due to be by the B. U. bridge in a slow down just a bit by keys has always in the potential tunnel to laser close there ninety three southbound you're under the speed limit with a double left lane closures Sullivan square the pike north bound hits one lane closed from the end of the o'neill tunnel all the way to the Tobin bridge exit twenty seven to the Tobin is closed nor the town is slowing down on the northbound side of four ninety five with two left lanes closed for a car crash US two car crash after one thirty three in and over one north and southbound slows passing construction to the Chelsea Kerr's south of the city or okay on route three twenty four and ninety five expressway south the right lane is taken by Columbia road no real delay exit fifteen two Columbia road is closed west of the city mass pike the westbound side you down only by route nine in south borough no significant delay route two west road work but.

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