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The Texas Senate has approved an election bill that critics say will make it harder for minorities to vote. The Republican led chamber passed it yesterday. Dozens of Democrats left the state Monday to block the bill and won't return from Washington, D. C. Until the special session is over. Senate Democrats are in agreement on a budget deal that would expand Medicare, boost safety net programs and address climate change. Head on. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced the deal. The plan where $3.5 trillion late yesterday. We are during the crowd of this plan. We know we have a long road to go. We're going to get this done. New York Democrat said the bill will be written so it can pass without any Republican support. Democrats have said they plan to pay for the budget with tax increases on the rich and on big businesses. The coronavirus crisis is far from over. Mark Mayfield fills us in the number of daily cases has nearly doubled from last week as the more contagious Delta variant spreads. Hospitalizations are also up, but fewer people are dying nationwide. Down about 25%. A total of 43 states are dealing with a surge, including somewhere vaccination rates are high, such as New York, Vermont and California. The lowest vaccination rates are in Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana. I'm Mark Mayfield. At least one person is dead amid anti government protests in Cuba 90 miles away in Miami, Daniela Ferrara's thoughts are with family on the island. The situation is dire in Cuba. I mean, literally, the government is trying to cut off communication. From the outside world so people don't see the brutality of the situation more than 100. People are in custody or missing since the demonstrations erupted over the weekend. The protests against the nation's communist government are the largest seen in decades, sparked by an ailing economy, like of food and medicine. Covid 19 pandemic in U. S sanctions. The government says the man who died had attacked officials. I'm Michael Kastner. Pope Francis is out of the hospital. European News outlets say the pope was seen leaving a hospital in Rome 10 days after undergoing surgery to remove part of his colon. Witnesses say the 84 year old leader of the Catholic Church left the hospital in a car this morning. Hospitalized, the pope was able to greet the public from the balcony of his 10th floor room. On Sunday, he led a prayer calling for accessible health care for everyone. The RANSOMWARE group behind the cyber attack on meat supplier JBs Foods and a major IT software vendor is currently offline, New York Times cybersecurity reporter Nicole Pearl, Ross says. Our evils. Disappearance from the Internet raises two very big questions. Hey, how are all of these victims that are currently dealing with there are evil ransomware attacks going to get their data back? And the other question is, is this just temporary? Are they re branding? Are they going to pop up as some other ransom our group in a couple weeks? The development comes amid increased pressure from Washington on stopping Russian based cyber attacks. Britney Spears is returning to court today. In her ongoing conservatorship case, Conservatorship Attorney Tamir Almanac tells the today show the drama surrounding the case could help the pop star as everybody else is fighting amongst themselves. Britney is sitting there watching all of this and the court is taking note that really these conservatives may not be the appropriate people to be taken care of Britney's money, estate and medical decisions. Judge has reportedly said to consider her request to hire a new lawyer after she asked to pick one herself last month. TMZ reports Spears has picked celebrity lawyer Matthew Rosen guard and he's agreed The outlet says Rosengarten will appear in court today and asked the judge to allow him to represent the pop star even if her father, Jamie Spears, doesn't approve. This is the first court hearing since Spears demanded to be let out of what she called an abusive legal guardianship. Of 13 years. Stock teachers a little change this morning. I'm Michael Kastner. ABC has dependable traffic.

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