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Aid workers raced to get water food medicine and shelter to the Indonesian port city of Kalou their efforts came nearly a week after large portions of central solid waste province or ravaged by a powerful earthquake into NAMI that killed more than fourteen hundred people Sarah Fontaine of the Red Cross told aljazeera that age groups were bringing in relief supplies by ship to gain access to difficult to reach areas, tragically our Red Cross teams came across a village called Plato. It is on the border of pollen Sigi. It is a village that has been completely obliterated. It was once home to fire hundred people, and they have just recovered fourteen bodies. And they're continuing their search and rescue efforts access to these areas are is difficult. The Indonesian military was bringing in hundreds more troops to help with search and rescue efforts and to keep order among survivors have grown desperate six days after their lives were thrown into chaos. At the same time. Authorities issued shoot on sight orders to stop desperate survivors who've broken into warehouses for food water other supplies or anything they might be able to sell to buy necessities. Immobile Diaz unit for Puerto Rican. Suffering from kidney failure has finally arrived on the tiny island of via Casse more than one year after hurricane Maria governor Ricardo CEO said that a three million dollar unit bought by the federal government will be set up at a shelter serving. As a makeshift emergency clinic. Some patients had been flying three times a week to the main island of Puerto Rico for dialysis since the category. Four storm hit last year. But at least five patients have died doctors relatives say the constant trips. Wore them down. A prominent evangelical university in southern California has reinstated outright ban on gay and lesbian relationships after briefly gave LGBT students. Hope they could date and fall in love on campus as freely as their straight classmates Zuza Pacific university, one of the oldest Christian universities on the west coast claims its board of trustees approved an administrative decision last month to lift a ban on romantic same sex relationships in the schools standards of conduct agreement. Kantor reports around two hundred Zeus Pacific university students sang and prayed in front of the Felix events center on Monday morning in support of those students who may have been affected by the reinstatement of the ban AP had removed the ban on LGBTQ relationships on campus following several months of talks between students and university leaders. This sudden about-face comes after major backlash from Christian media outlets and pundits over these September eighteenth student newspaper article about the band's removal AP then announced last week that the policy change had never actually been approved by its board of trustees. Therefore, they reinstated the ban Aaron green co executive director of brave Commons and national organization that supports LGBTQ students specifically Christian universities states that are alma mater AP is being hypocritical. What concerns me among many other things with this reversal is that the board of trustees claims dot bye bye reinstituting this policy that they're doing a. You know abiding by more traditional view of Christianity that they're remaining true to their God first principle and their Christian principles. But clearly this dissonance and incongruency within the internal structures of APO the board of trustees and the administration who decided to drop the policy shows the opposite of that. If you don't have your internal you-know-what together. How are you possibly going to admit to the world and admit to the public at large that you are in fact, a Christian institution that who's? Yes means. Yes. And who's no means no? And who is able to stand by quote, unquote, Christian or Christ like principles that didn't happen at all with this reversal of the policy. Green also states that the policy was meant to help remove the stigma of being an LGBTQ student on Christian campuses, when it comes to mind, logic and reason. Being behind the removal of this policy. Wasn't to give a green light or a go ahead for folks who identify with the LGBTQ community to just run free and wild and do whatever they want on campus that is precisely the opposite of that. It actually just gave us a bigger safety net and removed stigmatization towards our community because we are often falsely identified by the conservative Christian community as a subhuman grip also somehow inherently involved with illicit sexual activity, which is also false philosophy. Professor Terry, Merrick said that students might refrain from having future talks with the administration because their trust. Maybe broken seminary professor rob Mathiot praised the students for responding with piece instead of anger because that is what's consistent with both their in Christ's message of love in Los Angeles. I'm Laura Kanter Pacific. Our radio KPFK, and this is the evening news on KPFA. Berkeley, KPFK, Los Angeles KFC, Fresno and online at KPFA dot org. This is Brian Edwards.

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