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You rob rich. It's actually not over. There's one more practice on the sideline right now watching punting drills now. This is one more day of practice. I hope i hope nobody goes crazy. Because say down upon to the one yard line about ten yards away from me right now. Let's let's do this. Chris brockman can you. Can you do this Live tweet. Through what rob is about to tell us about putting rob what is happening right now. Let's we're going to live tweet this and of course give you credit. What's happening right. Hunter jake punter. Jk scott just kicked a punch that rookie third round pick amari. Rogers fair caught at the five yard line. I so does that. Mean that scott's he's at a regular season postseason quality and that. Rogers is also needing. Maybe you don't fair catch something a five yard line. You gotta let go like how do we. How do we interpret this. Is it good or is it bad. Yeah let's let's leave the interpretation for when we get the actual live eleven on eleven Offense versus defense. That we can scrutinize every throw jordan. Love like we have the last two days so the only thing i can tell you. Is this matt. Lafleur is currently standing in the end zone talking to davante adams Who's basically been just chilling out for the last two days. He's been here. He's been doing some work off to the side but it's not actually done any Football has not been catching any. Footballs from jordan. Love or any other quarterback this week. Okay so The tweet items are what you told us about. Jk scott and amari rogers and then the fact that that Davante adams in matt lafleur talking in the end zone right now. Those who tweeted hurriedly currently speaking with each other. Chris please put it out there right now on at richeisenshow and and make sure that we include rob demovsky twitter. Handle the tweets are up. Go go that's it. it's called going viral and being current So we are in the middle of all this. What is the takeaway from this week. Rob demovsky i in part. It's business as usual right rich. Because none of us expected aaron rodgers to be here and of course. He's not and it's business as usual in the sense that we were going to scrutinize everything jordan. Loved it because this is really the first chance we've seen him to be. Qb one and tuesday was a pretty much complete and utter disaster and yesterday he was in the hall so somewhere in the middle today. You know we'll see what he does what they go. Team periods here in about a half hour forty five minutes so But i can tell you will be charting every throw just like i have the last couple of days and then people will be on twitter for saying it's practicing helmets and shorts in june and no one's hitting anyone which is all through every bit of that is true but it is again the first time that we're seeing somebody who based on the tea leaves potentially being read with writing on the wall you know could be the guy okay. This is my twenty fifth year covering this team and for twenty four years. They've done quarterback reps one way in green bay. Whether it's been my congressman. Ray rhodes like sherman. Mike mccarthy or matt lafleur last year they always do at the same way starter gets the first four or five reps then. The backup gets the next three or four reps then. The third stringer gets the next two or three reps that worn by the way signaling the end of the special teams period of very good research. And and then. If there's a fourth quarterback maybe he gets a rep or two however this week jordan love when they go to a team period takes every single rep on tuesday. At one point. He took sixteen straight snaps yesterday. Longest re Period was eleven straight snaps and then blake bortles. Came in and got like two or three. And then Kirk ben kurt. Who's there other quarterbacks and camp out like one. And so i've never seen them in my twenty five years of doing this and i would assume This is not the norm and other places around the league. Either of having one quarterback take ten twelve fourteen. Sixteen straight snaps. That tells you that they are crashed coursing jordan. Love right now to him ready just in case they have to. I mean especially since you know you you you know in your twenty five years you've also just like the rest of us have never seen an entire season where somebody could get some reps Didn't because there was a pandemic. So i mean and that plays a factor in it but obviously a fair rogers were here The reps would be divided so much differently and it would probably be a more traditional ref cow You know even when even those years when brett farr would skip many camp the last couple years of bike sherman they would excuse him and aaron rodgers was a rookie and a second year guy. They still didn't do the reps. This way So i i just think it's incredible to watch the workload Back and look at my notes last year from training camp and jordan love for fifty five passes in team periods over the. What was it about three week training camp last year. If i remember right he threw fifty five passes in eleven on eleven drills. I'm not talking about this stuff where they're working throwing it in the nets off the side. I'm talking eleven on eleven football in the last two days he's thrown fifty one passes So basically all of his work. The last two days is equal to what he did. The entire training camp last rob demovsky of espn espn nfl. Nation reporter in green bay joining me here on the rich eisen show and jordan loves media availability. I thought he handled himself very well. I thought it's just what a tough spot for him. And the the sound bite that everyone's talking about him saying he's one hundred percent gonna be ready for week one as if he's going to say also you know One hundred percent regatta soil. Myself like fifty fifty. I'm not quite sure you know. I mean that would have been the sound bite but to me what he said a few lines after. That is what jumped out at me. Saying like he was brought here to play quarterback. And i'm like yes that's the point that's the whole deal so what what is. What are you hearing. What are you and your colleagues talking about. Maybe pulling somebody from the the packers organization aside what what is the scuttle butt if you will of..

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