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Is 41 degrees in Avon and overcast skies and 38 degrees here in Boston. It's 5, 25 and time now for New England business news. Markets are closed for the Martin Luther King Day holiday today, but Wall Street ended last week on a down No, with the Dow closing, losing over 170 points. A new administration taking office this week could have things turning around when trading resumes tomorrow and fresh off going public on the New York Stock Exchange, Burlington based three D printing company desktop metal, announcing that they are acquiring Envision Tech, another three d printing company that's based out of Michigan. The deal expected to be worth $300 million, it will be closing in the first quarter of this year. Desktop metal has a big start since launching in 2015. They have nearly 200 employees, mostly in the greater Boston area. They also received some $5580 million after they went public with the help of trying acquisition corporation. It is 5 26. All right. Grammy music producer Phil Specter has died, apparently of natural causes. He died Saturday at the age of 81, the music icon and convicted murderer. Is known for the murder of a woman that was found dead at his home. All right, coming up of 500 member contingent from the Massachusetts National Guard is now on standby in Washington, D. C. That plus security efforts stepped up at state capitals across the country, including here in Massachusetts that more straight ahead by 27. Our families. They're big. They're small. They're different. But all families have one thing in common. They need to be protected financially. That's why SPL I provide simple, affordable life insurance for families Get up to $750,000 in coverage with no face to face contact or test needed. If you are aged 18 to 60 apply online at SPL i dot com or at 1888.

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