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Six thirty seven hundred wwl w And what are. We got a little Twitter here Karen Travers haters everywhere You know you guys really come across as like. Mongo like sheriff part, we've President, Trump alone I. Think he can handle it without you this one. Guy get her outta here we get it you enjoy having that police. Hater on the show Up we're an ABC affiliate ABC hires her. She covers the White House that's why she's on. I don't know if she. Hates him or not watts people do lots of people don't doesn't matter it's, not going to spell the. End of democracy it's going to be okay. And I think the White House will probably survive without. Your help on Twitter good or out of here Okay It's an aside six thirty eight and we will have our traffic weather. Sports that Lorenzo things pretty funny because that before the Homer it looked like it should be on a. On the third strike should be an, out but he definitely was being. Defense he was ducking away from that hit the. Bat so the made the right call and then swing. Away that was funny and well called to all. Right we'll get to Chuck here in about a minute. Traffic probably the usual. Issue I would think southbound seventy five early. On I was mentioning. Earlier I drove through that yesterday and I think the eventually people get used to. It it'll smooth itself, out but it's it's three lanes that they, separate but it's still three. Lanes don't lose. Anything I, mean as far as backing it up past highway. Ville That's crazy that's overkill I think at some point people will just. Get used to it so we'll see where things are doing today as compared to a. Couple of days. Ago that's. Just ahead You're listening to seven hundred wwl down which tells me, your the. Type, of person who's involved interested and probably enjoys wearing a. Fine timepiece like this one it says Rolex but I say, it's yours for two. Hundred bucks said. No questions asked.

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