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Kindergarten through second grade, says Superintendent David Jack. The greatest learning loss is K to S. Oh, that would be the priority is with those grades, Jack says. That'll start by mid March as more staff gets vaccinated. I'm confident that By March 15th. We should have the lion's share of our staff complete the vaccination program, Jack adds. The goal is to get all grades K through 12 back in school four days a week, with Wednesday still reserved for deep cleaning by early April, Barber breath W M a L and W m a l dot com The opening arguments in the second impeachment trial of former president Trump taking place in the Senate, Maryland congressman Jamie Raskin, the lead house. Impeachment manager describing in basic terms what he feels the case means to the country and the fact that those who came to Washington on January 6th were very prepared to do exactly what they did. In the days leading up to the attack. You'll learn that there were countless social media post news stories and, most importantly, credible reports from the FBI in Capitol police that the thousands gathering for the president's Save America March. Were violent, organized with weapons and we're targeting the capital. Meanwhile, President Trump is free to continue living in Mar a. Lago, at least one resident of Palm Beach, Florida, had complained that former President Donald Trump was violating local zoning by living at the Mar a Lago club full time. That changes in rules to allow the property to operate commercially didn't allow him to live there permanently. But now the town council president in Palm Beach, says there is no problem with him. Calling the club his home. The council refused to even vote on the matter and attorney for Trump's club says Trump as an employee of the club as well as its owner can legally stay there. In Broward County, Florida Evan Brown Fox News Washington football team has reached a confidential settlement with some of his former cheerleaders over lewd videos shot without their knowledge. The alleged video shots were out takes from promotional videos made more than a decade ago that showed the women's private areas edited and saved without their knowledge, an attorney for the team told The Washington Post. All matters related to those videos have been resolved, but no details of the settlements have been given. This is the team awaits the findings of an NFL investigation into its workplace culture and is the team considers whether to bring back the cheerleading squad in the future..

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