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T. N. I sent these extra and subject to change after term with the promo regular rates apply actually very not guarantees it's two twenty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks in Virginia on I. sixty six west bound the crashes on the left shoulder between Nutley street and one twenty three there is a disabled vehicle after a record nine Centerville that was along the right side as well southbound on route one near the prince William parkway he works on is blocking the left side one right lane is getting by westbound on route seven leaving Tyson's near Lewisville road in delays the road work is also blocking the right lane beltway in Virginia okay interludes little slow toward the legion branch now in the district on I. two ninety five south bound near the melt now connects Avenue interchange project there may be a lane closure but we know from a caller there is a big debris spill a dump truck lost a load of gravel and dirt south of exit to kind of strewn across the roadway using Karen caution getting by slowly the Anacostia bridges past now connects Avenue southbound on two ninety five the other way north bound she can be volume delays from the eleventh street bridge past Pennsylvania Avenue beltway in Maryland cruiser roving around the inner and the outer leaves between Andrews and Landover fixing potholes doing other kinds of maintenance last seen on the outer loop near exit thirteen Ritchie Marlboro road block at least Elaine and likely cause a delay two seventy north good to seventy south local lanes little heavy toward road work near falls road right lane was blocked on a route three south bound after the four fifty intersections there is works on along the right side and with big delays westbound on route fifty across the bay bridge with only one left lane getting by the concrete pouring delays begin your Kent narrows their schedule to wrap up in about fifteen minutes only one left lane is getting by west bound for the time being Snell delivers the right system at the right price and up to sixteen hundred off call eight six six seven seven stand up guys or is it snow heating and air dot com Dave told on WTOP traffic high temperatures on your Thursday afternoon will warm into the low to mid fifties so a bit cooler than yesterday but lighter winds and mostly to partly sunny skies for tonight we'll have lows in the thirties with mostly cloudy skies.

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