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Um much. It's a line on the H two a budget. I mean, they expect to get some money in late fees and fines and that sort of thing. Um, so the semi Chua's are really aggressive about it. Some art Um, but most once you get behind a little bit, and whether, like I said, it's late fees or a bunch of fines. Then they can move forward with leans and things and the fine to the amount of the fines. It's some of its and your governing backs like you can't have a basketball hoop or you can sheds plants what you can and can't have. I'm your house color like those are all the big things that end up getting people in trouble. Um, Then there's another set of like rules that say how much they could charge you for that kind of thing. Um So yeah, it's kind of again if you're moving into an H away. I say this all the time when we talk about h two ways to, um, get all those documents before you sign on the data in line to buy the house or at least before you. I mean, you should really do it before you sign the contract, But do it before you close. Um, condos, too. Because I mean, I just had one. We had people this week that had a couple dogs. They went to buy a house. Their dogs aren't allowed because they're too big. And now what do you do? Yeah. So ask for that stuff. You're real leader should give it to you. They don't all do that, though. So you've got to be your own like advocate. Always got it. Make sure that you do your homework on that. She is Jennifer Angler. You're listening to laying down the law presented by the Orlando Law Group. You have a question for Jennifer. You can, of course, get in touch this 8445893 to 6. That's 84458093 to 6 more of your questions and Jennifer's legal thoughts coming up or we're right here on Wdbo. Now..

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