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The entire sequence was faked using a handful of lemmings deceptively photograph to create the allusion of a large herd of migrating creatures. It was this film that perpetuated the myth and popular culture of lemming suicide something that's never been reported to have occurred in real life. Do they actually kill these lemmings? I don't know. I don't know if that's in the rest of this. So I am I found the top ten analysts on the animal planet and the number. One is do lemmings commit suicide, and what they stay on the animal planet is lemmings earned the top spot of myth because the misconceptions about these creatures are both legendary and long standing starting back in fifteen thirties when a geographer propose that they fell from the skies during storms these days, the most popular rumor is that lemmings commit mass suicide when they migrate, but the truth is much less dramatic every three or four years their population drops near extinction only to skyrocket again. But the ebb and flow is a result of migration in large groups, which can include jumping off cliffs into water in swimming, great distances to the point of exhaustion, even death. The malls the myth also fueled by the nineteen fifty eight Academy Award winning documentary show that lemmings leaping to their deaths. But the is later busted for being staged myth verdict. Is that it's false. They don't create. So I guess like from mine patients that you do get some as their migrating going off of clips in swimming in water. But not to these like mass, ROY quantities. They're just migrating and they happen to end up m sure some go into rivers in smaller bodies of water and probably can swim across in her fine. Right. There's going to be some who like their way. Like literally makes it seem like every single one of them except for like, maybe I don't know twenty stay behind and all the rest going just like jump into the ocean. Yeah. I mean when I saw that. I was like oh my God. I can't believe this is real life. Well, it's not so everybody when you watch when you're watching it you think it must be. Yeah. Because you trust that. It's right. Yeah. I've worn so many cool facts from these true life adventures, which is why I love them so much never doubted it. Yeah. And to I love animals, like when we learned about the bees in the one thousand so cool. So in nineteen eighty two there was a CV CBC television news magazine program called the fifth estate, and they broadcast documentary about animal cruelty in Hollywood called cruel camera, and they focused on white wilderness as well as some other shows. As well as another show called wild wild kingdom. So the host of the CBC program. Discover that the lemming scene was not in the Arctic Ocean. It was actually at the bow river near downtown Calgary. So he interviewed a lemming expert who said yet, the lemming shown in the film is not known to migrate at all. As stuff said much, less commit mass suicide. He also revealed that footage of a polar bear cub falling down an Arctic ice slope was really filmed in Calgary film studio. This movie is fake all over the place. So even that makes me sad because that was like one of my favorite scenes, and they go down the hill..

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