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And i'm craig hornbeck. We host the ringer fantasy football. Show on the ringer podcast network to avoid eating twelve waffles waffle house. Follow the ringer. fancy football. Show on spotify. This episode is brought to you by direct. Tv stream introducing activity stream the best alive to be an on demand. Which means you can watch your favorite sports movies and shows on one place. Whether you're gonna catch game live or watch the latest blockbuster. They've got you covered and no annual contract direct. Tv stream get your tv together at direct tv dot com compatible device required. Content varies by package. The subset of the bill. Simmons podcast is brought to you by ziprecruiter. Ziprecruiter knows that the general experience look for a job is pretty sucky. That's why they figured out a way to make it unsexy when you sign up at ziprecruiter dot com you can create a free profile and then you get matched a great jobs plus a lot. More ziprecruiter will proactively pitcher profile to employers. Who jobs match your experience possibly like the job you can apply to and many others. Just one click. Is that easy. Sign up for free. End ziprecruiter dot com today and experience. The better way to find a job once again. Ziprecruiter dot com right now to sign up absolutely free and put ziprecruiter to work for you. The bill simmons podcast is brought to you by vandals sportsbook as well as the ringer. The ringer podcast network. This is part. Two of our big sunday podcast. If you missed part one johasson. I talked to a lot of goff and some mba over anders as well because the first way we even have our first locks that we like for the season. Although we're not gonna really dive into that october. That was really fun. This podcast weren't sharp. Is going to join us and we're going to talk. Nfl for the next almost one hundred minutes so that is all coming up. Let's bring back pearl jam. I'm so excited. Let's bring back a second time here. We go our guy. Warrant sharp is here. You're going to be carrying on the ringer podcast. Weights be three times a week this year..

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