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A dozen friends to get together every year and they like to surprise someone with the Christmas gifts this year they went to breakfast at an and they surprised the waitress each of them gave the waitress a tip of one hundred dollars an hour got a nice twelve hundred dollars Angelica a Lucy is the waitress at the I hop in Paterson New Jersey I was thinking of all my family Christian is to put it all came together it came together I just love the must fearing L. because people will eat some people can't passenger was great to see the joy on her face and the joy on the faces of the people in the group I think this is a really really cool a good tradition to start doing something with your group of friends it really does just reinforces White Christmas is all about the game eleven AM on newsradio KO BJ seems the love I've known has always been the most destructive crime I guess that's why now she was so full before my time he has to one the taste of home life was as rain upon my I tease headline if it were a full game the way to use a candle for nine thousand side the splendid I always still we can shifting signer and shown the naked light of day all I.

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