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The conclusion was simply the specific and significant code risk. Which i always point out because most of these studies are not that certain right. It's always like it may cause this even if it's like ninety five percents they don't make you don't typically use such certainty but this and again this is on the nih national library of medicine. Hey and it's clearly telling you that. The specific and significant risk of antibody dependent enhancement should have been meaning they already were failing and should be now prominently an independently disclosed to research subjects whether trials or currently using the injection in order to meet medical ethics standards of informed consent. How is it possible that that can be posted in december. Twenty twenty and nothing changes. Nobody even knows that they can get antibody dependent enhancement. Because they're not telling you they're not even listening in on the side effects but here's the science trust the science right and of course always for those new to the show. I'm being facetious. Train saint trust. The science is stupid. Because there's not just it's not just one man over there name science right. This is or this. This is a body of always evolving information. That's why identing ran court. Says always trust the scientific method and constantly questioned these things because they're constantly evolving and changing manipulate. even gen paschi was forced to admit that scientists have all being. We're looking at the new information. Even though moments ago she said this is settled. Scientists scientists settled making fool of herself like usual. This is important and they're not telling you that's what this doctor was talking about. And they're hiding it all from you now jumping over to the delta varying discussion which is a hugely important point now. This is on a local fox channel. But it's on. It's on all others local albuquerque channels has been all over local news. Of course you won't find this on main mainstream channels. Why because this expert is telling you something. They don't want you to see now you right. I'm gonna say mainstream. I mean versus the main not the local affiliates but the main nevada's news cnn ns nbc or even paper wall street journal washington post not. They won't talk about this kind of stuff. This is how do you know he had the delta variant most jumped to the point local health departments and centers for disease. Control can take those samples from your nose swab saliva test or whatever else taking to figure out what various you have the virus you have right. But that's in the lab. We're talking about sequencing can happen days or even weeks later. According to dr peter chin hong an infectious disease specialist at the university of california san francisco. They do this to study. How quickly the viruses mutating and which variants are becoming dominant in different parts of the country right. So they're just taking samples in different areas and testing than doing an estimation right. I'm familiar it's just however they're not typically sharing this information with the people who samples are sick are sequenced according to new york times. We'll show you the next. It says that being said if you're testing positive for corona virus in the summer of twenty twenty one you likely have the delta variant. The cdc estimates that eighty three percent of a gun didn't mean hit the link hold on one second the estimates that eighty three percent of the current cases. Maybe we should look at that next in. The united states are delta. So right out of the gate. Make sure we're aware that this is an estimate and you could argue. It's because will threes eighty four rope. Let's look further quote right now. We are assuming any case in delta given the high get any new case is delta given the high probability that's interesting isn't it..

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