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Who would who would take Kyle Farmer and Jose Garcia right now now, Garcia. It's a limited sample size. You got to admit that The potential is there. You got to admit that But that's awful lot if he's gonna be your guy. At short this season again, d d Gregorius two years. $28 million from the Philadelphia Phillies. George Springer, Houston to Toronto. Average salary 25 mil Over six years, J T Real Muto Philadelphia retains him average salary 23,000,005 years. D. J. Lo Mayhew Yankees retain him average salary 15 million over six years. Those guys were never going to come. To a town where the market size is the size of Cincinnati and You know, real mute, So they made a run at in a trade last year. It didn't work out. Well, there would have been able to hang on to him this year. They're okay. They're set. It's second base. The right fielder is outfielder still crowded the Cassie and nose still in the mix, so I None of that was really anything that was in plain or should have been for the Reds, But I gotta I gotta look at a guy like Andrelton Simmons. $10.5 million does not seem like a lot of money for an upgraded shortstop. Road doesn't so I don't know what's going on. All I know is spring training is like three weeks down the road. And there's a gaping hole. In that roster right now, if you want to weigh in 7491 7800 the big one. Pounds 700 on 18 t. Oh, by the way, where is um I don't know whether you Whether you keep track of this or not, But apparently there's a there's a there's an app a dating app. Called Bumble. I'm not familiar with that. Apparently now Bumble has outlawed on it's on. It's app. I guess when you interact with whomever and exchange pick they've outlawed body shaming. Body shaming no longer on bumble. We're gonna talk about that down the road with a woman that runs the Vixen academy. Yes, Stacy Moore is going to join us. At 1 30 today thought I would sneak that in 12 46 news radio 700 wlw The New cove in 19 Vaccines air out, But the distribution doesn't seem to be going as quickly as we were told it would. You may have some questions. Are the vaccines being held up by government bureaucracy? Is there enough for everyone? Are you even allowed to get vaccinated? And if so, how do you arrange it? There's a lot of misinformation. That's why we're giving you the experts and information that can give you clearer. An honest answers. 700 wlw. Hi. I'm Dr Andres Michael itis chief psychologist.

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