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Covid 19 health officials fear a surge in cases with the arrival of athletes from other countries. I'm Cameron Fairchild. The West is coping with extreme heat this weekend. Excessive heat warnings are posted from Arizona to Oregon Grand Junction, Colorado, hit a record 107 degrees. Death Valley was roasting at an unconfirmed 130 degrees. Las Vegas had 116 Friday. The all time high there is 117, and it could hit that record breaking temperature this weekend. California wildfires, prompting evacuations north of Lake Tahoe. The Beckworth complex fires near the town of Beck Wharton is putting nearby residents and area campgrounds in danger. The wildfire started out last week as two small fires that were triggered by lightning strikes. I'm Chris Caravaggio. Yeah, it is. Right? Hey, ABC Talk radio 7 90 K ABC News at 33. I'm Steve Coming. Knott's Berry Farm is reopening after an apparent drive by shooting outside the park yesterday evening. That left two teenage boys wounded and sent visitors scrambling over fears of an active shooter. This witness says the incident triggered panic inside the theme park and sent visitors running for the exits. There's people and will change, just running and then pregnant people were just following and our kids are following. People were just pushing. Everyone was just trying to get out so that really chaotic three people suffered minor injuries as visitors rushed out the exits. L. A City Council president Nury Martinez is likely to take over as acting mayor of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti be confirmed as the next U. S. Ambassador to India. President Biden nominated Garcia to the post yesterday, confirming rumors that have circulated for weeks. Our city who has reached his term limit and cannot seek another four years as mayor is scheduled to leave office in December 2022 but would vacate the position early if confirmed by the U. S. Senate. Chuck E. Sports and Baseball. The Dodgers will be under the lights against the Diamondbacks and the Angels will play the Mariners both games at 7 10. Key ABC. So cow weather sunny for the rest of the afternoon, with highs from the lower to mid seventies at the beaches to the mid to upper eighties inland, then mostly clear this evening and tonight with areas of low clouds and fog past midnight lows in the lower to mid sixties. Lancaster has 111 degrees Santa Ana has 85 downtown Has 84 I'm Steve Coming. 7 90 K ABC. Hey, ABC. Dependable traffic right now. Near the East La Interchange 50.

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