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After that. She went to Laura linz and then that's it. That was the finish line. There is no you don't go on and race Supercross. And it's really because of there isn't enough competitors. There's not enough storytelling, there's not enough competition. And especially in one place, from what it sounds like. When you go to Laura Lin's, everyone's there. But if you race in your district, and you're only racing against two females, it's really easy to be top two females. So it's like, how do we continue to get female racers female athletes, whether it be motor cross, which is I feel like a very, very intimidating sport. Yeah. You know, how do we continue to get shine light on these female riders? Yeah, I think that's just such a hard question because, you know, we can look back in the early 2000s, mid 2000, that's when the WMA was really popping, right? We had actually file like tera Geiger Taylor Higgins. We had all these amazing badass women that had that were getting picked up by Red Bull Honda and actually starting to create a path for pros, but the problem is is that they didn't bring enough revenue. So just like what I'm dealing with my category in the IPC, they decided to mix it because they're not bringing in the numbers. Which sucks. And I think that's why that's why it's so hard to recruit women into the sport because it's almost you have to sell them the idea of unfortunately this is a hobby and that's probably all it's ever going to be because if you want to actually make money and make a living off of moto, it's not there. I wouldn't say it's impossible, but it's not there. And I think moto is just struggling in a sport as its own already. Where they're kind of already struggling to support male privateers and more guys coming into the Supercross scene trying to be the next Ryan Dungey or whatever Ricky Carmichael or Jamie McGrath, you know, the sport in itself is very kind of withering away. So I don't know. Any time that I talk to a chick about writing, I'm like, yeah, you should definitely ride. And just keep it fun. And if it's fun for them, they won't walk away from it. Yeah, but I think at one point there has to be. Some type of pay. Like not, you know, yeah, we should always do things for passion and fun, but if you're out there riding the same course that, I mean, Dungey is retired, but that Dungey is. And he's making millions of dollars in your loading up your Honda civic with a harbor freight trailer towing your dirt bike like something is broken, right? 1000 times. So I'm not looking for an answer, but it's one of those things that I always found so interesting. And it's really cool to see a lot of major brands starting to like recognize females. Like you just signed up, which is like, congratulations. But that's an insane partnership. And it's honestly a no brainer for them. Like here's a safety company. You had a horrible accident and they make safety gear that maybe could have prevented this type of injury. So why not put you as a perfect spokesman for this brand? Yeah, yeah. But that one was definitely a great great shoe in. Yeah, that's amazing that brand's when it works. Sometimes people see eye and it works very well. But do you ever think about how do you and this is kind of going to be a jerk question, but I don't mean it. How do you provide value for a brand like liet? Oh man, I think just any, you know, this is how I've actually been able to sell my value for every brand is I'm like, you know, you'll get an athlete, very typically, that is just one sport. I have four sports. So I already have a way bigger audience than a lot of athletes out there. So especially with the specifically, I pretty much told you the exact same thing that you just said and I was like, you know, I was wearing a neck brace when I lost my arm and if it wasn't for that neck brace, I wouldn't be here right now. And so that kind of connected on a real cool level, but with Microsoft, I'm also sponsored with, I was able to tell them hey, I can use their technology in every single sport that I do because I always have to make modifications to my gear. So I think it really just depends on the brand and what the goal is, what they stand for and yeah, I kind of just adapt and work my way. Do you ever think I think I'm going to tell you now what I think that you care? But I think you should this summer create a video project like telling not necessarily your story, but I think there's so much value in MX video projects right now that's not being tapped. I think I'm blown away by it. Same with snow bikes. Jesse kirsch Meyer is. I mean, he's won the snow bike, whatever, what an Amazon snow cross. The last like four years. And he has like 4000 followers on Instagram. And I'm like, dude, you are like the top dog in your world, but no one knows who you are because competition is like, I don't want to say it's dying. It's alive and well, but like these video projects are so this is the world we live in, right? We swipe. So if you can get someone for two minutes and like, I'm not saying you have to tell your story, but you on a dirt bike, making like a desert at it would be like, that's what I want to see if I'm being honest. So it's actually very funny that you mention that. This is the first time I'm kind of mentioning about it, but I am actually working with Leah about doing an entire video series. And we very started working on it. So he brows open. Congratulations. As you should. But I think it's so that's what the, it's not the untapped market, but I feel like motocross is so far behind. And like I ride dirt bikes, 5 days a week, like not in the winter. I'm a 302 stroke Woods guy, like the nastier it is, the meaner it is, that's where I want to be. I don't want to race anybody. I'm really slow, but I really like single track, technical, tight, whatever. But like, that's what I want to see people do. So when, you know, like Cody Webb just came out with a video and I was like, this is what, I don't want to see Cody race. I want to see him doing fun things that I might be able to do so I can connect. Yeah, yeah. I just feel like go ahead..

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