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If you haven't tuned into sports talk here's what you live el paso sweetheart the ibs world featherweight champion jennifer honda it was a grueling unanimous decision i'd never fought somebody like her style i was like that's one that the fight is over and i'm looking forward to bigger meditate draw weekdays four to seven part of team six hundred espn el paso six hundred espn el paso on espn radio the process brown bread no you're actually getting money out of the wall oh totally ally i'm the only one who meticulously put a dollar down every time and then marches to the fine bucket at the end of the day is all the dollars have been splayed out and left out here is still a fifty from a while back bed billy you've accrued up by my estimation two billion dollars in two dollar fine there was a time when i think i was like second onto contributor to that find bucket because i was paying almighty dollar fine and then i realized we need an arbiter in here deciding whether these fines for me or fair or not and i appointed myself the arbiter so i'll decide if i think the finest fair arbiter will ruin mellon later tonight show with the stugatz on espn radio and espn news from the player thanks for calling how are you good i'm about to go visit cowley where i'm from born and raised the paul finebaum show weekdays at three eastern on the espn app and on the sec network.

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