Donald Trump, Senate, Lindsey Graham discussed on The Norman Goldman Show


Same mistake twice the next attorney general is going to say hey if you if you are going to recuse yourself tell me now you don't get the job the one thing i care about is you're going to network use yourself and you're going to get in there and you can fire more in a shut this whole thing down yeah that's what donald trump is making it abundantly clear that he wants he understands a couple the basic functions of government see law civics in politics if he were to fire jefferson baugh regard sessions now the senate which it cocked confirms the cabinet members the senate is right there and they're going to be looking if donald trump saying hey we really are very unhappy me just i had played you orrin hatch saying i don't know why you're doing this would you please stop lindsey graham is supporting sessions right there some key republican zero speaking out against trump the witness president is trying to not use his power timed again sessions quinn hope sessions doesn't quit than f lindsey graham orrin hatch me lindsey graham by the way is now sas in donald trump lindsey graham cohen in week how will vare somebody that i do not believe could serve me well wrong and trying to humiliate them public which is a sign of weakness it's a sign of weakness you know donald trump hates being called week so lindsey graham choosing his words carefully is telling donald trump do not do this stop humiliating the guy in public trying to get him to resign so i believed that donald trump wants to get rid of jefferson baugh regard sessions so the new puppet attorney general would come in and say rod rosenstein you no longer have supervision of moller because i'm the new attorney general i'm your boss you're the number two guy on the new number one person guy of course and therefore in a on supervising mower and hey bob more you're fired and this whole thing is shut down and thank you very much i'm.

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