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We were just named the biggest radio show in the history of radio. What I have the ability to if you wanna talk to a manager and owner, I could speak to them is I have the I will in exchange for this. Great reservation. I will promote you guys on the show on my podcast, which is number one. And apple bigger than Oprah. I will promote you guys everywhere on all platforms in exchange for this reservation. Okay. But what I'm telling you what I need though, I'm bringing eight okay? I want to arm you with all the information. You could tell your manager. Okay. Yeah. It's me. It's my wife. It's Mark Messier. The messiah you've heard of him. Have nine we'll tell your manager the messiahs coming and Shep messing have you heard? He was in New York arrows indoor goalkeeper soccer of back in the eighties. Amazing head of hair. And then it's my mom and dad, so if you need to like cut out to people in that equation. You can get rid of my mom and my wife. But really I eight and then if you wanna talk to your manager that'd be great. But I need it. It's gotta be like eleven fifteen arma big, Jim. Okay. So let me just play repoed. Okay. Right. I gotta drops about him gays. I should've dropped some gays case in your face. Case of the franchise. You think she's telling him the messiahs coming? Thinking what can I help you? I was on. I was on hold. I was waiting to hear back about a reservation and an editor. Oh, you are. Okay. That's why I'm here. What was her name before? Because she's lovely. She's fantastic. Four Vanessa Vanessa, then F A. I don't know said with the day. Okay. Is it for mother's day that you're trying to make a reservation? Yeah. The big day MD. And so it's originally I told the nessa eight people eleven fifteen prime-time baby that you know, whatever you wanna do you wanna cut a couple of people out? That's fine. I don't care. I might add people because Adam geishas asked me if he can go he's the jets head coach of dam case of the franchise. I'm sorry. What Adam gays? He's the New York Jets. Head football good friend of mine because I worked for USPS. And he just text me that he and his wife might wanna go. So. And I put you on hold for one second. You're the best. Thank you..

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