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Also the fact that i know it's weird at uranium harani and they're very close but you have the uranium one deal and you have all these things that happened the background of course uh with um with hillary clinton so what they say this is an interesting interesting piece the mall tweet this up in it what they say is that if the president fired the deputy attorney general because the attorney general jeff sessions recused himself you got a new uh deputy attorney general that steps forward in that person could then fire muller and take control because this person is overseeing all it does that happen keep an eye on it not really sure what i think we need to keep an eye on i think most importantly is what happens with taxes do they shut the government down on top of it oh my gosh what happens if the government shutdown i can't even imagine will follow all of the we'll be here back again tomorrow see can make plans accordingly if that means not listening because you are completely appalled by the show i apologize sorry sorry rod uh but now we will love to see a back here again and if you wanna send me an email by all means do throughout the evening i would love to read your email love the keep in contact with you justin adjusted barkley dot com also a check out that group hackery unleash group on facebook those guys are always having a blast and i'm on twitter at mr justin barkley on the twitter's looking forward to it i think i'm headed to see star wars i think that's what i'm going if so i'll keep you posted i have a goal sing like a movie day this week i don't know if that's gonna work i got a set my goals set my sights high hose some people like in the new year they won't lose a lot of week me i wanna see a lot of moves what i'm bill.

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