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Wrestle. Who else would have been working with town. I mean i know you're fresh so you're sort of. I think he laid out on the show in the past. You are really doing a little bit of everything. Weren't necessarily doing only this only that you're all over the place anyway. Who would have been working with talent. Would've just been agents at the shows. And who do you think that cast and crew may have looked like in in nineteen eighty seven the agents chief jay strongbow stoning rios pat patterson monsoon guys like that would work for towel We could basis at the house shows so the agents that were in the house shows were able to work with him every night and pata. Tv but it was moored at that time that we put guys on the house shows to go out and see how the audience is reacting to them. Before you'd ever get on television and then get a feel for what they do what they are and Ideas as to what to do with them from there then make every tv and work from their company. Through what sort of transition you think a wrestler would need to make in order to be ready for the prom and the wwf really at the height of the golden era here and the the shadow of wrestlemainia three. There's more people watching wwf programming than ever before Your network or syndicated network continues to grow by leaps and bounds. You've got prime time specials. You've got late night specials. You've got a lot of really great stuff on the horizon. Not just on cable but on broadcast television. And now you're taking these talent and this one in particular what he's two years in the business less than that and now he's going to be part of this roster and sure he may have some of the the quote unquote moves down and he might understand basic match structure. He learned all that in wrestling school and through doing matches across the country and even in japan but now he's got a really turn the volume up and be a personality that's larger than life and he's he's a relatively young man here. What what did that process look like because it feels a little overwhelming when you put it in context like that i think it probably was overwhelming obama. You know he'd been used to kinda being out on his own in really is only mentor. Being larry sharpe who think that larry probably fit into his head. Don't trust anybody just more than more than anything. A attitude of distrust think with with all promoters in anybody in the business. Wasn't larry so i think bam bam kind of had that in his head without any validation to anybody early scott have been in the in the business that long to have that kind of feeling or or to feel that way Exclusives own endeavors so no bam bam coming in it was. It was a pretty raw lump clay. You could mold with some decent foundation and some some pretty good skills. You know. We've heard over the years that While the wwf as the land of the giants and advance has an affinity for larger than life characters. And we've even heard an explanation. You know what do they look like in an airport. Do they turn heads in an airport. Everyone wrestling fan or not paying attention to that person. And that could be based on size or star value or natural charisma. Whatever they have some sort of magnetism about that did vince see that in bam bam and would he have seen it without the head tat. I don't know if you wanna see without the head tattoo. And i don't know that bam bam would have had the same swagger without the head tattoo. Frankly i think that that that it all kind of came together in a in a neat package in the tattooed probably gay bam bam some of that swagger in some of that strategy had naturally it is interesting to go back and think about what. If i mean in this era we should also mention. You've told us before that you guys guys were really looking for. Its baby territory. So there's a lot of other territories in the country that they wanted to have a heel champion and all the baby faces chase benson and even his father preferred a baby face champion taking on all comers a guy like bruno san martino and now it's whole cogan. Stern would you see a guy like bam bam bigelow at his height his weight and his agility but then as if that isn't enough the crazy head tat be just think. Oh man we sharpen that guy up and he'll be perfect for hogan on a saturday nights main event or whatever you're looking primarily for not necessarily your next hogan but who can hogan's next opponent be fair to say it is but but in bam bam in particular we were looking at you know holy shit. What an attraction. He can be sudan. Did you maybe face. Oh we didn't see him. Okay aren't that didn't see him as a heel saw him as a huge baby face okay. Storyline begins july twentieth on prime time wrestling. Where bobby heenan is doing commentary. And he claims to have signed bam and then jimmy hart in an insert during a honky tonk man match claims to have signed bam bam and then mr fuji during a demolition match the next week we would see he signed bam bam and then johnny v does the same routine during an islanders match and in fact slick molin been reading the dirt sheets it's a nice storyline versus if you just pay for a little bit. Why it's a nice way to say. Hey all the heels wanna manage this guy and that just really lays out really a different time in wrestling. It felt like every major. He'll.

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