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When you reorganize and declutter we're probably the first thing you decide to keep. Is there any serious contemplation of sanctions against china detailed financial and business reporting. Tell us more about your customers. And how they're doing now expert analysis. You're basically just changing a five dollar bill into five one's definitely essential looking at a high yield. Where does that take you these days. Bloomberg radio the bloomberg business app and bloombergradio dot com bloomberg. The world is listening before hours a day bloomberg dot com the bloomberg business and bloomberg dictate. This is bloomberg radio in the tokyo. Olympic games robert fink added another gold medal for the united states as the florida. Native finished in first place in the men's fifteen hundred meter freestyle final caleb. Drexel's set an olympic record with a time of twenty one point. Oh seven seconds on his way to a gold medal in the men's fifty meter freestyle final. Millions of americans are at risk of being evicted after a federal moratorium on evictions expired at midnight. Us representative alexandria okay. Zeo cortez says it's inexcusable. The moratorium was not extended and a white house waited until the day before. The house adjourned to release a statement asking on congress to extend the moratorium on. Cnn's state of the union. The new york democrat blamed governors for delaying rental assistance programs. President biden had called on congress to extend the ban which was put in place as a safety net for renters and homeowners during the pandemic. Ohio governor mike dewine says fear of the corona virus delta variant has..

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