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Of the last forty years, the screenplay for Brokeback mountain the novels terms of endearment and lonesome dove author. Larry mcmurtry leads today's birthday roundup. Learn that you have to work pretty hard to ride anything that anyone wanna read. You learned that one. Glad you had to go to Stanford to find that out. Mcmurtry speaking at the Dallas museum of art. He's eighty three. He's the visual effects master, and everything from Star Wars to Spiderman two this year. She's an John Dykstra says, every movie he's been part of redefines the art, basically, creating illusions, and the traditional, quote in the script that we've read for years is unlike anything you've ever seen before Dykstra talking with the visual effects society, he seventy two and actress and winter stars in the groundbreaking series. Zach and Mia about two teenage cancer patients. First season is kind of all based in the cancer ward, and then the second season they kind of get out of cancer, and then they're stuck in a house together and learning how to actually fall in love without that disease, kind of tying them together winters on KTLA. She's twenty five and that's our birthday round up for June third. I'm Bob Kessler. CBD products seem to be all the rage lately. Now the FDA is. Exploring ways the hemp ingredient might officially be allowed in food drinks and dietary supplements, the FDA held a hearing Friday to collect information and take a step toward clarifying, the confusion around CBD's legal status. CBD doesn't contain THC the compound that causes marijuana's mind. Altering affect fans of CBD products claim benefits including relief for pain and anxiety. No decisions are expected immediately from the FDA..

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