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Com Que NPR half past headline SPORTS Sports Madam Coping these year half past headlines for Tuesday, November 10th 2020 Yesterday, the San Francisco 40 Niners put wide receiver Kendrick Born back on the cove in 19 list. There is no report as to whether or not he is tested positive, of course, miss last week's game after being on the Koven list. His status for Sunday's game is now In jeopardy. If he's unable to go, it'll be Debo, Samuel, Brendan you and Richie James at receiver for the 40 Niners and more covert news out of the NFL. The Steelers have put four players on their covert 19 was including quarterback Ben Rogers, Burger Vance McDonald, tight end and former 40 Niner tested positive for covert 19. He played in the game on Sunday and was actually on the team's injured report with an illness late in the week. They are going to do the contact tracing to follow up with the Steelers over 19 issues. Those your half past headlines. Head football coach Justin Wilcox joins Morphin Mac next Each time that talk pack 12. With the head coach of the California Golden Bears. Guys come to work every single day practice really hard and chemistry and toughness and perseverance shows up. Here's Justin Wilcox with Murph in back down for California. KNBR, 1045 and 68. Wow. Well, we very much look forward to these college triple talks with Cal football coach Justin Wilcox and last Wednesday, we're all excited. We're talking about players, and we're talking about the opener and the Washington Huskies and then The needle scratched along the record. They did not play so a lot to.

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