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Good morning at two twenty i'm harris allen it's still the summer of judge the yankees rookie leaving the major leagues with thirty home runs of the all star break is now the home run derby champion he out home with the twins miguel said no one the final round eleven attend to claim the title that had been held by gene carlos data and assist to judges yankees teammate gary sanchez who beat stanton on his turf in miami in the first round seventeen sixty sanchez would be knocked out by snow in the finals judge was tested in round one of the other be justin bores 22 jacks and he did with twenty three three thanks to his thirty second bonus window he took care of cody bellenger the dodgers in the semis and said no with almost two minutes still left on his clock judge the fourth yankee to win the derby joining tino martinez jason job ian robinson kiddo he at the longest of bomb of the night 513 feet and tonight sits the all star game judge got the news that he'd be in the three spotted the vatican league batting order i've seen that right that's pretty cool with southern guys we have here build it had third so afable of people dowiyogo third scott dumont d'urville face max shares are this first atbat shows or of the nationals the nfl's starting pitcher kris sale of the red sox gets the ball for the american league they'll be the first pitcher to start consecutive allstar games representing two different teams having worked the first inning as a member of the white sox last here there was just another mamic monday at wimbledon lots of fourthround action answer upset secluded rafael nadal the men's fourseed knocked out in a fiveset marathon by sixteenthseed jill muller fifteenth 13 in the fifth eddie murray roger federer american sampler into the quarterfinals on the women's side thirty seven year old venus williams to the quarters but the top seed angelique kerber was ousted by gordon yoga ruether two seats in on a hell of advance so did 24 th seeded american coco vandeweghe knocking out number five caroline wozniacki the women's quarterfinals to take place today also today the one remaining men's match of the round of sixteen novak djokovic against unseeded adrian manner arena and the.

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