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I can go dark i think i am also jan most delicate well last time generals and i were on the radio together she was doing a dorothy parker there's a there's a brilliant but also dark character nothing i acting gend if you're big things that you go for broke and a that's what those two also i have in common which is just the there you have that frigate lack of boundary that is true i i really don't know my on strength as an mike one of those people that when i was a kid like when you did your homework like i always just rope nearly two hard on the paper you know what i mean like every a if liquor whether would and that's not to say that i'm a hammi over actor but maybe directing missing and how the i i would think that when you put the coal out or let people know that you're doing this yeah that the people jumped i mean really jumped on board yes it it it was very it was a very he quick guesting press all that and uh yeah events phenomenal as usually this plays done with uh it actors and everyone plays multiple parts and you've got by five men and three women and we're instead we decided that especially like an stage reading wearing when people are are are are are standing at a music stance that it would be confusing to have a people play multiple parts in really being able to track as they all agree i agree and then also we really call at this time and if we're doing this today sale you ask as many people as possible in plain one actor per character so we have twenty actors who are going to be in the show all volunteer all volunteering their time actors equity gave us waivers so a all the actors could donate their time everyone's doing this for free out of their passion for it and we wanted it to be a show that really was throwing men's in semedo women's roles in women and some of the men's roles in getting more people.

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