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Can find it at Tim dot blog for such support you can finish the entire process in less than two minutes. Tim dot blog for such support if it doesn't feel great to do. Don't do it. You don't have to pay for it. It's always going to be free. It's never going to be behind a paywall so don't sweat it. It should feel awesome. You should feel really good about doing it if you do it at all. And if you don't, don't do. Really? You're just going to have an upgraded listener experience for the next six months without sponsors. And if this experiment, fails, meaning the fan, sports stuff, then we'll go back to the sponsorship model. Okay. Check it out Tim blog Ford slash support. And it would really mean a lot and also give me an opportunity to see how many diehards are there, how many people out there would actually want to support in this way. So I'm really curious Tim blog forward slash support. Thanks for checking it out. Love ya back to our scheduled. Programing. This episode was recorded at the brand new first-ever and gorgeous location of made by we, we works, I on demand, retail location, located near cities, flat iron neighborhood. You'll find all sorts of offerings and goodies at made by we including on demand work in meeting space. It is truly beautiful. He's check it out coffee and artisanal food by bluestone lane a fully equipped market stand. Full of snacks peril. Travel office products plus curated events evening programming. That's what I was part of and more. So if you want to try out, we work, if you want an alternative to working in your bedroom, or at your home, office, aka kitchen, table, or in coffee shops, this might be the easiest way to dip your show in the water. You can try it out by the hour or even by the minute instead of a monthly ongoing membership. Check it out at made by weei dot com and full disclosure. I am an advisor to we work..

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