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And introducing things and growing the company that way. Yeah. You know, that's that's kind of you know, the nature of entrepreneurship writing. We knew that we wanted to keep the handgrips the flagship, and we still do this to this day because that's really what separates us from anything else. At this point is we're going to have the best anger about there. But we also noted continue to grow and grow as a company that it's very important to bring on high quality products that high level athletes are going to continue to want to use in. We didn't want to do that in the sense of just putting anything out there that we maintain the approach just like we did the grips that if we're going to bring a product out it's going to be. Elite. It's going to be a difference maker. And it's going to be something that, you know, the top one percent of cross fit athletes are going to want to wear and we've maintained that approach on. It's been successful to this point. And a lot of that. I think has to do with the continue in the ability to continue to work with these influencers at a high level that they want to continue wearing those products because of where they're at in their ability. So. I know that you started on Amazon, but only half of your revenue comes from Amazon. Would you tell me what the development of the other side of the business? I think one of the biggest things is native alluded to earlier listening to actually your podcast Ryan one of the big things Druce to you was that Amazon's going to be there. Right. So there's going to be people shopping on there and and whatnot. But if we can try to create that brand differentiate ourselves and get on another platform where we have more control where we have better margins where we can better serve our customers that has been very beneficial for us. So we we've got wholesalers that we work with all across the world. So we ship stuff all across the world all the time because there's people in all these countries is very difficult for them to get high quality products. So that's been very good. And that's been a constant focus for us as we built. This brand is to try to move that needle away from Amazon and we've been very success. Awful at it last month, you were over sixty percent, not Amazon, which is great. So we always wanted to get like two fifty fifty and we just keep moving the needle the other way where we have just more more control over everything we do. So I'll wait from Amazon word is the most of the Trump come from the Facebook Facebook ads Instagram as we're very heavy with all that. And it's a we're talking to George last night. It's a game. It really is. You know, disfiguring out the game and putting yourself around a team of people that really understand how that stuff works, and it's exciting. Because may I've tried Facebook ads and done this stuff. And and I think it's very easy for people to try it and maybe throw one hundred dollars at it and say all this shit doesn't work because they don't know how to do it. And they just throw it to a wide bucket of people. But if you really know what you're doing or you find somebody on your team. That knows what they're doing can really target in its very effective. Would you walk us through a bit of the overall strategy of how you're doing that because buying traffic to a fiscal product. And getting that to our ally can be. Challenge. So you either have an ad. That's really dialed in upsell sequence. That makes it are a Y or something else that makes it sustainable. So what does that mean for you? What I think one thing to add on kind of goes hand in hand with that question Ryan is in when we started talking about this a few months back about really developing a very strong Email campaign as well..

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