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That's i w i c o dot com slash steve you know one thing that bobby said during the podcast that i that i gave a little little fought to and it didn't say it at the time but he's talking about when i asked him about the winner and you know he said in his mind david kendall deserved to to win and then obviously his the reason why they didn't win was because what did he say well. If david kendall one that would have been really the anti-climactic and kinda boring because they were there for love and within the theme of the show yeah they would've probably deserved to win but it wouldn't have been good t._v. and then him and tatum one and you know he talked about the finale and how it was a great finale and but he didn't agree with what tatum did during the show to get to that place said look all you had to do was to stay with me but when he says that about david kendall now thinking about it it's like but if tatum never does anything and never you're tries to play jar and tries to get carlos eliminated by going behind bobby raised back and they didn't have drama between them then maybe bobby in tatum or the couple ends up being david kendall and at that particular checkout people eliminate them like if there was no. It was almost like i get. We're bobby is saying but the fact that him and tatum did have some drama and they weren't like the solid couple that held hands all day long and you know slept together the whole show and and 'cause no drama and we're frankly kind of boring like david kendall were. That's what got david kendall voted out so maybe if he it's almost like i am i know bobby. He was bothered by the kendall stuff in early tatum stuff and that's why he eventually dropped on her because he felt he couldn't trust her however it's almost like without out that they might not have gotten that far so it is interesting. I mean there's there's obviously this is the first season in fifteen years. There's no correct way to play but the way that bobby one. The game was different than how tatum played and how bobby played. They looked like they were in different. They were on different sides of things but you know bobby. Ultimately has has the scoreboard in this because he one hundred thousand and tatum walked away with nothing nothing unfortunately but that finale was fun to watch. I mean if you if you missed it it. It really was interesting. You can even check it out. I'm sure it's still up on fox or hulu somewhere anyway. Thank you very much to both of them. <hes> for sharing their stories with with us this week please rate subscribe and review in apple podcasts always very much appreciated. We are in the top ten of any any shows all the shows on apple podcasts. We are in the top ten on the tv and film category which is great. We moved up to number eight. I believe last week and and the hayley stevens episode couple of weeks ago got us <hes> that particular episode got got as high as number two <hes> libya's episode last week got in the top ten so let's make the tatum and bobby interview make the top ten as well. That'd be great anyway. Thank you all for tuning in to podcast number one thirty eight and <hes> next next week. We're back in the bachelor world as i don't want to jinx it yet but it is somebody i've talked about in the past that i've wanted to get on supposedly. I'm going to be recording with them later today so i'll have that in the can hopefully for the next week and run it next week but we're to record today and it's definitely bachelor related. I think you're gonna like this anyway. Thank you off tuning into podcasts and thirty eight. I really appreciate it and we will talk to you next week. Yeah uh-huh..

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