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Right. Joining me now is a first-class father. He went from the unemployment line to millionaire in just three and a half years. He has sold more than eight thousand life insurance policies in that time, it is a big privilege for me to say Tyler Jack Harris welcome to first-class fatherhood, man. The absolute closure to be here. And I am a pretty new father. But I'll take first class. All right. Let's start here. Then how many kids do you have? And how old are they? I've got one two year old little girl. And man, I've got my hands full Wow. Very cool. Are you one in donor? You going to be working on that boy soon, and we my wife. My wife has informed me that we will be working on number two here soon. And that is good with me. I am. I'm all about I'm the last male to my name. So I got a little bit of pressure to have a boy. And so we'll see if we can't make that happen at some point here. All right. That's the fun part of it. Right there. Now, did you do any type of gender reveal party Tyler? Or did you wait until the end to find out? We did we did a little gender reveal. We had a we actually had a a baseball not that I'm a huge baseball guy. But we had a baseball that had you know, the blue the pink powder inside. And we went out to the baseball field. The big photo shoot around that and not gonna lie. It took me a couple of swings to get back into the swing things. And finally knocked knocked the ball and turn bright kink and smells at sizes can be it's having the girl is definitely been humbling. But it's been the greatest experience in my life. I can say that so cool. Yeah. Took me four shots to get the girl if we didn't get her on the fourth try we'd have five by now. And so what's been something? Unexpected Tyler about having a baby girl that maybe kind of caught you off guard man, I think every single second of has been unexpected because I really. You know, I had expectations coming into. But you know, my daughter is a daddy's girl just through and through. And and then, you know, she's at that age now where she just turned to last September. And so really becoming you know, an actual human being now and her personality and how fascists learning, and and I have been I think surprised with how much just I genuinely enjoy like she's fun to be around like it. She crack up every time I'm around her. We'd just laugh, and we have so much fun. And and it's just been the most incredible experience so far and I'm getting fearful of those teenage years got a lot of friends with teenage daughters, and it's just terrifying to the core. But I am just soaking up every second that I can while she's at this, you know, beautiful just learning and. Flooring, and and progressing age. Yeah. I'm right there with you on that. Tyler my daughter is only four years old, and I'm already dreading those dating years myself. That's even more incentive for you to crank out that boy now, exactly exactly. Thank somebody's reinforcements..

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