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Busier, northbound on I two 95 as you leave oxen cove up toward laboratory road, then there's a little bit of heavier traffic as you exit to go in on the 11th street bridge. Jack Taylor TOP traffic, storm team force Chad mero we're all going to be talking about the temperatures later and in the meantime, we might be talking about a little bit of rain. Yeah, John, we have a couple of showers out there. They're pretty far and few between, and if you're under one, it's going to range for maybe 5 minutes or so, very lightly, and then it'll end. One shower is just crossing I 70 between boonsboro and the charlestown sea and a drip and drab, middleburg as well, and then an area of some light rain just west of Charlottesville that is moving off towards the north and east. Here in the district, we will see a couple of drips best chance will be between about 8 and about 10 a.m.. After that, we do see lots of sunshine, a warm day, like you said, high temperature today, 70°, clear skies tonight, we are in the upper 40s to low 50s, a couple of showers on Thursday, best chance will be in the evening temperatures very warm though, with upper 60s and other breezy day, southwest blend really helps us with our temperatures this time of the year. Rain early Friday temperatures will drop into the 40s later in the day and then over the weekend, lots of sunshine up for 40s to the middle 50s can't complain about the weekend forecast. That's for sure. It is 50 at Dallas international 46 at BWI Marshall 48 at reg national airport. I guess it's going to be a flip flop day. It sure will be. Sunglasses. Oh, there you go. The forecast is brought to you by new look home design. Right now, save 50% on all roofing materials and labor. Still a head we're now hearing from a congresswoman who has attacked in her D.C. apartment, 6 21.

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