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Something on. Then he's hand in hand on the beach. She looked like Tom Hanks from cast away a little bit. On my nipples. Hopefully you're safe out there beat. Oh, and we look forward to your inevitable hopefully inevitable return and climb a tower you this afternoon? What a great day it is. What a beautiful day to go out there. No, I had a good good weekend Fun weekend didn't get any golf in but Great Saturday to our show with Verne Lundquist was on the 15th floor. Yeah. What's up with her? Nice police headed out today. Toe video in the PGA Championship. CBS. He's doing a couple hours every day for CBS Kiwis 80 years old now and still Still going after and full of a lot of stories. We had a good time with him and just, you know, relaxing day. Got it Some exercise this morning, but looking forward to try to get you to explain and explain why this is a good thing. This MBA plane is I think it's the stupidest thing I have. Ever heard. What's wrong with letting in the 18 from each division and just start the playoffs? I'm not necessarily. I'm not the one to convince you that it's a good thing. But yes, But first of all, the NBA regular season is over on now there's just 2.5 more months of playoffs, And then that'll be a an MBA season in the books, But yeah s o the plane tournament. Let me tell you how, because a lot of people probably don't understand how it works. I understand, But I just don't like it because it's not a tournament necessarily. But The six Excuse me. The 789 10 seeds from each conference are in what they're calling the play in tournament seven plays eight with the winner of that game automatically is in the playoffs. They're the 17. Okay, give me some Deal in the East Boston seven, and Washington is eight. Indiana is nine and Charlotte is 10 right, So Boston and the Wizards are going to play each other tomorrow night on the winner is automatically and will be the seven seed and they'll take on the Brooklyn Nets in the first round. So congratulations to the winner of that game. Then the nine seed in the 10 see the Pacers and Hornets. They play each other. And the loser is out. End of season Turks and Caicos. Here we come the winner, though the winner then plays the loser of the 78 matchup. The one we just mentioned with the winner of that game, then being the eight seed and they would play the Philadelphia 76 year, Same thing. Different teams in the West closer closer to home. Why do you not like the play in tournaments because I don't really like it either, but I like it the way they had it where the top eight teams would square off on the playoffs would begin. I just like that, now closer to home. Lakers are seven clip and warriors or eight they play Wednesday night winner is in loser will play the winner of Memphis and San Antonio. Correct? Yes, So even if you lose, so even if LeBron in the Laker lose on Wednesday, right that they they're not out. It is not the nightmare scenario. In fact, this is, as I said several times last week, probably a dream scenario for the MBA and that you're going to get a Steph Curry LeBron James one game playoff to be the seven seed to get into the playoffs. But if The LeBron were to lose, which is would not be great for the league and to a lesser extent, Steph Curry and the Warriors. They're not out. They have the chance to beat the winner of Spurs Grizzlies Ross Day and now the reason they did this. It started last year pandemic season that they finished in the bubble because the league was basically saying, Hey, we understand it's not fair. We're cutting the season short. Some of you teams were just get cured A rounding into form, they might. You might even call it the Zion Williamson playing tournament because they wanted to get the pelicans in on, so they had it a year ago. Keeps so many more teams in the race later in the season. I suppose you could say it's reducing tanking. It is not. This is not eliminated. Tanking. Congratulations, Houston, Texas Houston Rockets. By the way, you want 17 games, you officially had the worst record in all of basketball 17 games. I could name Kevin Porter Jr. And that's it. I don't know any other players on the Houston Rockets that, Yeah, that guy. The idea is it supposed to eliminate tanking and create more interesting games late in the season? I think I heard Jalen Rose say yesterday, the last day of the regular season that there's 20 teams that will advance past that day, and they were still 17 slots that had not been Cliched if you live, you know a lot of those air seeding, but for I mean for them like they're trying to say that there's all these games that matter now that didn't wouldn't have mattered before. I'm like, Actually, a lot of them would have mattered, maybe would have mattered more because some of these teams you know, would like Memphis, I believe lost yesterday. But had they would have had to win to get in the playoffs. Now they're in this play in tournament where they play the Spurs right at home right, which in Memphis, the Spurs Craig Popovich called in sick for game as he should he should he should. He should. He should have what I guess I mess it. Schoening at the half of that game, Saturday's game, they're down by like 27 at the half there in the on the precipice of the playoffs. It's crunch time of the season. And Gregg Popovich is like I'm not coming. I'm gonna go see Tim Duncan get inducted, which he should let he did that he should. Yeah, but another thing that you had yesterday, the last day of the season that is, I mean, this is not related to the plane tournament, but Teams are tanking, furred proceeding purposes, the Clippers, the cutters, Lipper's sat their entire starting lineup. Go wipe all Joe. All of their guys did not play because they wanted to move out of the three seed down to the forcing. They lost Okla. They lost the Oklahoma City one of the worst teams in the league on It makes absolute sense for them because the Lakers right they they'll play the Mavericks now a rematch of exciting serious from a year ago. He didn't want any part of the Lakers. Yeah, they won't have to play the Lakers until Oh, the Western Conference finals. Should it come up that direction? There you go. That's the That's your your your play in your day and moment Preview. Yeah, but it's gonna be compelling. I believe to see the warriors in the Lakers because I think Steph Curry sure is the m V P of the league this year. That is very incorrect and elements, but I think he is. You know what? We'll talk more on that We'll take the win the scoring title he did when he won this. That's all that judge's team came in eighth place, never eat or some of the most valuable player and he's the most valuable player on a mediocre team. We'll have more on that. Let's talk about these class and I want to talk about the NBA Hall of Fame inductions as well. Excuse me, the basketball Hall of things just the MBA. Eyes, my man, Tim Duncan, As I told you crushed it.

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