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Freeway reportedly leaving only your left lane open in the Adil down more to go twenty four hour traffic center Katie double the double D. J. newsradio nine fifteen tonight will be cloudy and breezy with the showers around the sleeping in a steadier rain will develop late central slowly rise into and through the forties Claudia mild tomorrow with on and off rain and drizzle high around fifty three most of the rain tomorrow will be lights will start to pick up in intensity though tomorrow night temperatures near fifty much of the night a flood watch is in affect for much of the it's starting tomorrow right now we'll go through Saturday as we shouldn't have rain heavy at signs which can lead to flooding now the rain will end as ice and snow from northwest to southeast from later Saturday into Saturday night there could be some significant icing especially close to I. sixty nine on not as much of an impact as you get closer to Detroit and then blustering cold Sunday with times of clouds and sun high thirty three partly sunny and chilly Monday on your forty I'm accu weather meteorologist Brian Thompson on W. W. J. does radio nine fifty partly cloudy skies thirty nine degrees in east point we have forty degrees right now in sterling heights and mostly cloudy skies at the airport where it's thirty nine traffic and weather on the eights of course anytime online at W. W. Jane whose radio dot com playing with your new phone or Lexus don't forget you can hear W. W. Jamie's forty of nine fifty on both on your phone download the freeze dot com that is W. W. J. as good a fully WWJ newsradio nine fifty lines in local news radio nine fifty W. all weekend long at the suburban collection show place in Novi is the ultimate fishing show newsradio nine fifties run do we spoke with the show's manager Danielson so you have a little more room to play with this time around yeah absolutely starting last year the suburban collection showplace expanded so we now have over three hundred thousand square feet of fishing stuff it's all fishing soul fishing boats fishing tackle fishing trips anything to do with fishing it's inside of this building this year almost sound like that one scene out of forced calm voice at a strip it's both exactly you know similar to that you know but we're yeah we really do have everything here you know and and it really is a great opportunity you know whether you're looking at fishing tackle it's ice fishing it's fishing boats anything like that you know everything's under one roof you know a lot of these guys are a lot of our make great Michigan you know local retailers that all come down to the show and it's a great opportunity where if you're looking at a bold and maybe you want to look at eight different brands of boats because you can't figure out what we're all here single compare everything talk to the manufacturers talk to the dealers about him obviously there's a lot of deals to be had right now there's a lot of rebates going on a great time to buy that bold and kind of get ready for spring you know a lot of times ordering that boat can take six to seven weeks to get that a lot of people don't realize that and so it although it's January and we're a long ways from that you know insuring that you have that bolt by April and may for the great spring fishing that we have now is the time of year to do it yeah we'll talk about what this is happening as far as the demand and what's going on in Michigan is a fishing one of those sports at as goes Michigan's economy so goes the activity or is fishing kind of immune to that well fishing is very popular there's no doubt but fishing is not immune.

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