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Are raising money to help the animals infected by the wildfires in Australia I hang a man heads to court tomorrow after an armed standoff in which he opened fire on a police swat team response to medication firing a pellet gun the bus will face charges of road rage and president trump's attorney said to continue their defense of the president when his impeachment trial resumes in the Senate tomorrow continuing now with our top story retarded Lakers star Kobe Bryant killed in a helicopter crash CBS's but Michigan now with more on Bryant's impact when he entered the NBA the NBA is a nineteen year old Kobe Bryant came into the NBA in the nineteen nineties with intrigue straight out of high school already well known he had the memorable name the undeniable talent and he spoke Italian learned when his father the former NBA player Joe Bryant played in Italy twenty seasons with the Lakers five championships and numerous individual honors and Kobe would take a backseat to no one for his competitiveness on the court Magic Johnson and Larry Bird before him Michael Jordan and then lebron James he will forever be remembered as one of the game's greats but Michigan CBS news the sixty second Grammy awards will air tonight on CBS CBS is the thought of it reports on what's happening backstage there is definitely a cloud hanging over tonight's Grammy show it all has to do with the recording academy which runs the Grammys it's in the midst of turmoil the head of the academy Deborah Dugan has been ousted accused of misconduct she is now making claims of sexual harassment and suggesting that some of the Grammy nominations or rigged Steve Futterman CBS news Los Angeles San CBS's Gary none reports on what makes for a Grammy hit the song of the year what's it take to write a song so good wins the music industry's top award Neil Sedaka.

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