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Many many years ago jamie and i hosted a discovery channels young scientists challenge in dc and this is literally two thousand five two thousand six and isaacson was the keynote speaker and isaacson gave i mean he's a wonderful writer but he gave the most tonedeaf 45minute speech about benjamin franklin to a crowd of five thousand children that's that's not where he won really the office of hamilton well anyway vata's age i got unfiltered thoughts about iowa eleven for your backyard that's that's totally the vested luca plus danni that's what i would from their way to like a few hours later i was mayor mich cheese as wandering around the cal academy worried build a science 100 house and he just crises a famous little clean air he just drag me on stage as a giant cheeseburger and and she just went out and she said please give it up all the scientists here who do who do so much work to make our life better i just remember walking of stage link did a drag queen just do a better job of getting people excited about science give me the chance of making a higher at least at the years ago at the purple onion i did a story telling night with peaches out of track oh joshua's gray as as very low and of the very first times joshu had done a thing out of drag and talked about wiggs stock and told a story which is really on unprintable in this podcast but brilliant even for this by he has seriously because i listen to this by guess there's been some strange story self here this permission tell one yard are on your leg athlere is out of a lot more so meaningful we held a hands on science day in the north bay yes and i think most this hour of that sort aimed that's where my morning started i think many people know about the more north me fires and on the victims of their and and we held it at the cinema county fairgrounds have been holding it there for six years which was the hub of the fire sponga in the north bay yeah and i went to cancel at event and firefighters and community members said no you gotta you just got to do this.

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